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10 Minutes with Tayla Harris

Photo: @tayla_harris

As a force to be reckoned with, Tayla Harris - AFLW Carlton Football Club player, boxer, and NAK Hair ambassador - embodies empowerment and eloquence in equal parts. Her partnership with the all-Australian hair care brand is the perfect synergy for the 22-year-old on the rise.

As the most searched AFLW player in 2019, Tayla’s rise shows no sign of slowing. Here she chats with Hairhouse about what beauty means to her and how she plans to give back.

HH: What does beauty mean to you?

TH: “I think beauty is a very personal interpretation. To me, it's feeling comfortable and happy in my own skin, which allows me to feel beautiful when I'm sweaty in the gym after training, dressed up for an event, or anywhere in between!"

HH: How much is beauty intertwined with strength, ability, and empowerment?

TH: “Feeling beautiful and confident allows you to empower others to do the same. If I can do it, you can too! Confidence makes people feel strong and trust their ability to perform at their best.”

HH: Why is it so crucial for you to have a profile that empowers women and young girls?

TH: “I feel like it's my duty to be a positive influence on others. I relish in the opportunity to do so because, as a young person, I looked up to people in the position I am lucky enough to be in now. It’s my time to give back.”

HH: Who are some Australian women you admire for their beauty, inside and out?

TH: “I admire Stephanie Gilmore as she is an incredible athlete who has accomplished major things in surfing, yet remains down to earth, kind and approachable. She’s awesome!!”

HH: What resonated with you about NAK Hair as a brand?

TH: “NAK is an Australian brand who work tirelessly to make their products the best in the business. I genuinely love using NAK products, and my hair has never felt better. As a brunette who demands to be blonde, I needed a product that keeps my hair healthy and strong, and NAK was the perfect fit!”

HH: What are Tayla’s pre-game and post-game NAK Hair essentials?

TH: “I always shampoo and condition with Structure Complex two days before the game, and I pack my little travel bottles of Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for away games. I use Replends Moisture Mask to make sure my hair is moisturised, and I might also use some Shine Mist Spray to tame the strays on windy days! Post-game I always reach for Hydrate Detangle Mist to get the knots out!"

HH: What’s Tayla Harris’s future game plan?

TH: “Who knows? I love taking opportunities as they come, and that seems to take me down the best path every time. I could have never anticipated what I have achieved and experienced so far, so if I keep doing what I'm doing, I don't know where I'll end up, but I know it will be exciting!"

NAK Hair products are inspired by everything Australian - the laidback lifestyle, the sun-drenched landscapes and the raw beauty of the environment. Designed to withstand the daily demands that are placed on our hair, NAK Hair collections feature Natural Vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals, and Pure Essential Oils.

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