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Bleach Refill Tub - Blue 500g



This product is intended for Professional Use Only. Why? This product is for professional use only and must only be used in a professional environment by a hairdresser. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions – a patch test must be performed prior to use. If products are used incorrectly they may cause harm or damage.

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Colour Royale Bleach Tub - Blue is a Salon-quality professional bleaching powder delivers controlled hair bleaching (up to 7 levels), making it ideal for all-over-bleaching, highlights and dark root re-growth. Blue-based pigment eliminates warm, yellow undertones to reveal a clean, brilliant, ultra-light blonde while the finely-milled formula produces an super-creamy consistency, allowing for effortless application and a clean, even colour lift every time.

For professional use only. This product should not be used for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. If eye contact does occur, rinse immediately with warm water and contact a physician.

- Professional salon-quality bleaching formula.
- Contains blue pigment to counteract yellow tones.
- Ultra-creamy texture and smooth consistency.
- Available in 30g sachet and 500g tub.
- Easy to mix and to apply.
- Exclusive to Hairhouse.
- Made in Italy.

How To

1. Using a non-metal bowl, mix Colour Royale Bleach with the appropriate Creme Developer using the ratio: 1 part bleaching powder: 2 parts Colour Royale Creme developer (10/20/30/40 dependent on desired tone). Mix well until smooth.

2. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.

3. Develop no longer than 50 minutes. Timing is based on hair level, condition, technique used, temperature of environment, developer strength and the desired degree of lightening.

4. Rinse well and wash with gentle, colour-safe shampoo.

Colour Royale colour products are for professional use only. It is very important to seek professional advice when mixing permanent hair colour creme with peroxide to formulate the right mix and combination of ingredients. Colour Royale contains ingredients that may cause irritation to some people, and thus requires the expertise of a salon professional.

Be sure to conduct a patch test prior to applying this product. Spread product on a 2.5 cm square patch of clean dry skin either behind the ear or on the inner wrist. Leave patch uncovered and untouched for 24 hours. If you experience any adverse reactions such as swelling, stinging, itching, redness or eruptions do not use this product. If no reaction has occurred after 48 hours proceed with use.


Please refer to packaging for complete ingredients list.
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