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ghdplatinum+ Black
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ghdplatinum+ White
$340.00 $310.00
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ghdGold Styler
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ghdV Gold Mini Styler
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ghdV Gold Max Styler
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ghdCurve Creative Curl Wand
$240.00 $190.00
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ghdCurve Classic Wave Wand
$240.00 $190.00
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ghdCurve Classic Curl Tong 26mm
$240.00 $190.00
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ghdCurve Soft Curl Tong - 32mm
$240.00 $190.00
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ghdOriginal Earth Gold
$210.00 $168.00
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ghdOriginal Styler
ghdHealthier Hair Styling Gift Set
$350.00 $280.00
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ghdSmooth Styling Gift Set
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ghdDry and Style Gift Set
$380.00 $304.00
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ghdFestival Platinum +
$350.00 $300.00
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ghdFlight Travel Dryer
ghdNocturne V Gold Styler Gift Set
$280.00 $224.00
ghdFestival Gold Styler
$290.00 $240.00
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ghdCurve Long-lasting curling tong set
$250.00 $200.00
ghdAir Pink Blush
$200.00 $160.00
ghdCopper Luxe White Platinum Gift Set
$315.00 $252.00
ghdFestival Air
$220.00 $170.00
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ghdPaddle Brush
ghdFinal Shine Spray 100mL
ghdBlack Quilted Rollmat
ghdCurl Hold Spray 120mL
ghdFinal Fix Hairspray 75mL
ghdRoot Lift Spray
ghdGlide Professional Hot Brush

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ghdSectioning Clips
ghdTotal Volume Foam 200mL

As the market leaders in innovative hair styling tools and products, ghd stylers can create a stylish, professional look with minimal effort and reduced heat damage. Ghd rigorously test their products in order to develop styling tools which are safe and effective while being easy to use. And this is what women everywhere want, right? We want our hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers to create the perfect style


As the market leaders in innovative hair styling tools and products, ghd stylers can create a stylish, professional look with minimal effort and reduced heat damage. Ghd rigorously test their products in order to develop styling tools which are safe and effective while being easy to use. And this is what women everywhere want, right? We want our hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers to create the perfect style with a smooth, healthy finish in minimal time and with no effort or visible damage! Fortunately ghd agree that we deserve no less.

Ghd stylers are designed with innovative heating technology and built-in sensors to achieve and maintain the ultimate temperature for effective styling and the creation of a perfect hairstyle. After all, that is what their name promises to deliver, doesn’t it? A ‘Good Hair Day’ – is on the top of every woman’s daily wish list!

Where can I find ghd hair straighteners?
As Hairhouse Warehouse have more than 130 fabulous salons right across Australia, it is easy to shop for a range of ghd hair straighteners and hair dryers at a store near you.

If you haven’t yet achieved a string of good hair days by shopping at your local Hairhouse Warehouse salon, you should start now. Simply enter your post code or suburb into the convenient store locator and you will see the nearest salon to your location. Of course, you can always shop for your ghd stylers online using the Hairhouse Warehouse online store which is a quick and easy way to make your purchases. Your first online purchase will be rewarded with a welcoming 10% discount, and all subsequent orders over $50 will receive free shipping after you have created your Hairhouse Warehouse account.

How do I know which ghd tool to buy?
But if you’re unsure which ghd hair straightening tool is the best one for your needs, it may be better to pop in to your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse salon and chat with the expert hair stylists about what sort of look you hope to achieve. They can suggest which of ghd’s professional hairdryers, hair straighteners and curling irons will be the best option for your hair type and the style you want to create.

Why do ghd have different hair straighteners?
Ghd design different hair straighteners to suit a range of hair types and styles. The ghd Max Styler has been developed with wide, two inch plates specifically for easy styling of long, thick hair. The plates are powered by advanced ceramic heat technology which provides a consistent, optimised temperature of 185 degrees. The wide plates make it easy to style large sections of hair creating a professional, frizz-free, sleek finish. Features include universal voltage so you can take it on your travels, quick heat up time which is great if you’re time poor, sleep mode in case you run out the door and forget to turn it off… and a protective plate guard to keep it in good nick.

The ghd Platinum+ Black Styler and the ghd Gold Styler are smart stylers equipped with innovative dual-zone predictive technology to give greater temperature control which guarantees consistent results. The hinge design allows for more styling control and the plates have a high specification finish for increased shine and smoothness. They have all the same handy features of the Max Styler too.

Short hair and fringes can be perfectly straightened using the ghd Mini Styler. This little beauty has super slim half inch plates, giving easy control when styling short hair. The mini styler also boasts advanced ceramic heat technology at the optimum 185 degrees, the perfect temperature for ultimate styling with less damage. Beautifully designed, it features a slender, contoured body – something we’d all love – with gold accents. The mini styler may be little but it packs a punch and doesn’t compromise on quality. Complete with a protective plate guard, auto sleep mode and universal voltage this is the perfect tool for the precision styling of short hair or fringes.

Of course you can create waves and curls with your ghd hair straightener too. Generally speaking, larger plates will create more open waves, and smaller plates will create tighter cools, which can also create a wavy look, depending on the technique you use.

How to curl hair with ghd straighteners?
While some may find it a little easier to curl their hair with a ghd curling tong or wand, once you’ve mastered the technique it just takes practice to achieve consistent, fabulous results using your ghd hair straightener too.

Follow these steps for a soft wave or curl:

1. Prepare your hair by spritzing it with ghd curl hold spray. This non-sticky, lightweight formula will protect your hair from heat damage while helping you create defined curls which hold their form.
2. Divide your hair and tie the top half up, out of the way.
3. Starting with the bottom half, take a section of hair closest to your face and place the styler near the roots. Rotate half a turn before gliding it from root to tip, away from your face.
4. Repeat with the next section but change the direction of the curl so the hair is curled towards your face.
5. Continue around the whole lower section of hair, alternating the direction of each curl.
6. Unclip the top half of your hair and repeat. Always curl the sections of hair closest to your face away from your face.
7. For a loose wave effect, run a wide-tooth detangling comb lightly through the curls then scrunch with hairspray to set. Easy!

If you want a flat wave follow these steps:

1. Prepare your dry hair by spraying ghd root lift spray onto sections, twisting the hair and drying off with your ghd professional hairdryer.
2. Section your hair, tying up the top section.
3. Take a piece of hair and place the hair straightener near the root, pointing downwards.
4. Rotate half a turn away from the face and glide the styler through but release before the ends.
5. Repeat, alternating the direction of the curls towards and away from your face.
6. Release the top layers and continue until all the hair is done.
7. Take one front section and glide the straightener from the root to tip with no rotation. At eyebrow level, rotate the styler away from the face and repeat on the other side.
8. Lightly run a detangling comb through the hair and scrunch hairspray through to set.

Which ghd curler to buy?
While choice is always a good thing, sometimes the details can confuse us. So, here’s what you need to know about ghd curlers:

Firstly, using a ghd curler is simpler than using a ghd flat iron to curl hair, although it can easily be done with a flat iron too. Secondly, don’t be confused by the different names. The terms ‘curling tongs’, ‘curling wands’ and ‘curling irons’ are reasonably interchangeable and often mean the same thing. Some have a clamp for holding the piece of hair in place as you curl it. These are generally referred to as tongs, but sometimes those without clamps are called tongs too. A tong with a clamp is a little easier to use for those of us without great skill or technique when it comes to curling our hair. The main difference between curling irons/wands/tongs in obtaining different results is in the size and shape of the barrel. A larger barrel, for example the 32mm ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong (yes, with a clip), will achieve a bigger, more voluminous curl or wave and is ideal for use on long hair.

A smaller barrel will achieve tighter curls and may be easier for you to manage on shorter hair. That said, other factors do come into play when creating an open, soft wave vs a tighter, smaller curl. Your choice of ghd product used for styling can affect the degree to which your curl drops. Brushing your curls out will create a wavy effect, while lightly tousling with your fingers before applying hair spray will help your curls to hold.

The shape of the barrel can determine the depth of curl vs wave too. Generally, a round barrel will create a more voluminous curl than an oval shaped barrel, which will produce a gentler wave.

If you buy the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong - 32mm you will be able to create volume from the roots, gentle waves or big, soft curls in long hair. The clamp has a spring activated lever for easy use and the protective tip is designed as a cool place from which to hold the tong while you style. The Curve Soft Curl Tong also has a built-in stand, a lengthy power cord, automatic sleep mode and universal voltage. For a better result use the ghd Curl Hold Spray for heat protection and added hold.

How to use: section your hair into 2cm pieces. Open the clamp, wind a 2cm piece of hair around the barrel and close the clamp. Hold for five to eight seconds, then release. For a looser wave use the ghd detangling comb or ghd paddle brush after curling.

The GHD Curve Classic Curl Wand 26mm will also create some volume and curvy waves in long hair, but it is easier to use on shorter, or medium length hair – in fact all hair types and lengths - than the large 32mm barrel. It provides a tighter curl, so if you want more of a curl than a wave, this is the one to buy. It has many of the same features as the Soft Curl Tong but check them both out in store at Hairhouse Warehouse to see which feels more comfortable for you to use. For a different approach try twisting each section of hair before wrapping it around the barrel.

What is the best way to buy ghd curling irons?
Hairhouse Warehouse have fabulous ghd gift sets, perfect for Read less...