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It’s easy to transform straight hair into soft waves, tight ringlets or loose curls using curling irons at home. From award winning curl tongs with mineral infused slow baked barrels and variable heat settings to hair curlers that suit all hair types. Buy curl tongs at Hairhouse online or in-store.


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The unnatural way to have naturally curly hair
When your friend with dead straight hair rocks up to the party with a full head of bouncy, luscious, sexy curls you’re like… what the? How did she do that? For simple tips on how to perfect the same sultry look read on...

How to use a curling iron
Curling irons are designed to be used on dry hair. After washing and applying product to your hair, dry it completely before using your curling iron.

If your curling iron has adjustable temperature settings, experiment with the right temperature for your hair type, but never go above 400 degrees. Ideally a temperature between 200 and 350 degrees should be suitable for most hair types.

When it comes to curling irons, size matters. Hairhouse Warehouse have a great selection of curling irons so there is sure to be one you will find easy to use. A larger barrel, such as the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong in a 32mm size is ideal for adding volume and soft waves to long hair. At the other end of the scale the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Curling Tong with a smaller 16mm barrel is the ideal curling iron for defined or tighter curls in short to mid hair length.While the barrel size can make a difference to your curl, the technique is also important.

How to curl hair with a curling iron
So how did your super straight friend get such a perfectly natural-looking head of sassy curls? Start by spraying your hair with a heat protectant then separate your hair into two sections parted horizontally from ear to ear. Tie up the top layer and begin curling the bottom layer.

Take a mid-length section of hair and clamp the curling iron approximately one to two inches up from the ends. Curl the hair all the way to the roots holding the curling iron vertically and curling away from your face. Hold for approximately seven to ten seconds then release.

Always curl the front of your hair away from your face. For a soft and natural look, curl some of the back sections in the opposite direction. Shake it out a little or loosen the curl with your fingers if you want a softer, messier look. Spray with hairspray to hold in place and VOILA! You’re ready to strut your stuff with your friend!

How to use a curling iron for loose curls
So, we’re not wanting the Shirley Temple ringlet look, we’re going for big, loose waves. That’s easy. If you want a looser curl apply the curling iron to each curl for a slightly shorter amount of time. Using a curling iron with a larger barrel will also create a bigger curl which can then be shaken out for a loose effect. When you’ve finished curling all your hair, tip your head forwards and then back before raking your fingers through to loosen the structure of the curl. Once you’ve achieved the desired loose curls spray lightly with hairspray to hold in place.

How to do perfect curls with a curling wand
A curling wand, such as the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand is slightly different to a curling iron. A curling wand doesn’t have a clip and gives you faster, smoother results. An iron is a little easier to use than a wand because the clip holds your hair in place. Silver Bullet have a range of professional quality curling wands set to create both tight ringlets and big curls.

To achieve perfect curls, style your hair with curl enhancing product. Decide on the curl you want to achieve. Do you want tight ringlets or loose waves? Using the appropriate curling wand for your hair type, set the temperature to cooler if your hair is fine or damaged and hotter for thicker, stronger hair. When you have curled the underneath section, apply hair spray before starting on the top section. When finished, spray your head again to hold your curls and prevent frizzing.

What is the best curling iron and curling wand?
With so many great curling irons and wands available from Hairhouse Warehouse it is difficult to pinpoint one as the best. But we’ll let you into a secret: a couple of our best-sellers include the BaByliss Pro 32mm Ceramic Curling Tong designed to create big ringlets and gentle waves and the Rusk MiraCurl SteamTech which features steam technology to prevent your hair from drying out.

Now you’re set to join the party with fabulous, bouncy curls!