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Hair Clippers and Trimmers
We all know guys who love getting out in the garden armed with powered hedge trimmers and good intentions. ‘Pruning’ our prized plants with a little too much vigour and a lack of finesse can leave our beautiful garden looking more ‘butchered’ than ‘pruned’, so let’s not make the same mistakes with hair clippers. A little knowledge and restraint go a long way when handling any powered cutting device!

How to cut with men’s hair with clippers
While you may think it as simple as ‘switch them on and start shaving’ – there is in fact technique involved when using hair clippers on your fella, unless of course he wants to rock the totally smooth, shaved head look! Speak to the staff at your local Hairhouse Warehouse salon for some tips before pruning the men in your family along with the garden plants. There are also online tutorials for visual demos of the finer points of hair trimmer and clipper use. But here are some essential tips to get you started:
- The guard determines the length of the cut. For example, a number one guard cuts closer and shorter than a number four guard.
- Start at the hairline on the nape of the neck, working upwards and following the head shape.
- Roll your wrist to lift the clippers away as you slide them upwards through the hair.
- Rolling your wrist or using a rocking motion allows for blending into the longer hair of a graduated style.
- While you are following the shape of the head, you are working against the direction of the hair growth.
- Hold the ears out of the way to clipper around them.
- For a sleek finish use a hair trimmer with a small blade around the hairline at the nape of the neck, ears and sideburns.

How to use clippers on women’s hair
The same principles apply as using clippers on men’s hair, but a bigger guard should be for a longer cut - unless you plan to rock a super-short look. To avoid definite cut lines it is important to use the rolling-the-wrist technique to fade the cut upwards from the nape into longer hair.

Where to buy hair clippers
Hairhouse Warehouse have a great selection of hair trimmers, clippers, accessories and beard groomers. The Wahl Easy Cut is a hair cutting kit designed for home use, using carbon steel precision ground blades for lengths between one and three and a half millimetres. At Hairhouse Warehouse you will find a complete range of Wahl clipping and trimming tools, including beard, stubble and nasal hair trimmers, as well as all the required accessories.

For a professional yet affordable clipper, the Silver Bullet Ceramic Pro Cordless Hair Clipper is powerful, rechargeable, and uses ceramic cutting blades for a precise finish with varied cutting lengths. For a variety of grooming and clipping kits, shavers, hair trimmers and accessories from leading brands, you can’t go past Hairhouse Warehouse for choice.

Fun fact: the first electric hair clipper was patented by Leo Wahl way back in 1921. The successful Wahl brand continues as an industry leader today, along with famous names such as Braun, Silver Bullet, BaByliss PRO and Andis. All these brands have a range of products to suit your varied clipping needs, whether it be a simple, one-length-all-over buzz cut, a graduated cut blending into longer hair, or a beard and nasal hair trim.

How to cut own hair with clippers
If you’re new to DIY hair clippers you may want help with the back of your hair until you are comfortable with clipper use. You can’t cut what you can’t see, so ensure you have big mirrors front and back, unless you are using a style of clipper designed to give an all-over buzz cut.
Just like using garden power tools in the garden, cordless devices are much easier and safer to use, so look for cordless clippers at Hairhouse Warehouse.