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What are must have hair tools?
Whether your hair is long or short, a good set of hair tools can take you from a bad hair day to a happy hair day in minutes. A quick run through with a straightener or curling wand can make all the difference when your hair seems to have a mind of its own.

To keep your hair looking its absolute best you need to use high quality hair styling tools. Hairhouse has a whole collection of professional styling tools that are easy to use and will give your hair an incredible, salon look, every time.

To create different looks, at the very least, you need a hair dryer, especially if your hair is short. You’ll be able to create great styles, quickly, by blow drying, running some wax or hair clay through your hair, then styling, all within minutes. Hairhouse has dozens of hair dryers from a range of trusted brands; Muk, Silver Bullet, Babyliss PRO, Parlux, and more.

Hair straighteners, sometimes called flat irons, are also an essential hair styling tool. To get your hair ‘pin’ straight in the shortest amount of time you’ll need good quality equipment. Hairhouse stocks GHD, Halo, Cloud Nine, Diva, and more.

A curling wand is also an essential tool so that you can create perfect waves or curls, every time. Try the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand, the Silver Bullet Fast Lane Ceramic Curling Iron or one of the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Irons. Hairhouse has an extensive range of curling irons in different sizes with different settings.

Hairhouse sells hair tools sets that contain a hair dryer and straightener. Have a look at the Halo set which includes the ‘Kate’ straightener and the Jennifer dryer. Other sets have a heated straightening brush with a straightener.

How to use hair tools?
Always follow the instructions on the packaging and be careful when using heated electrical tools, especially in bathrooms around water.

Many of our professional hair tools come with a protective glove to wear. It is essential that you wear the glove to prevent burns on your hands while you are doing your hair.

Be aware that you should test the styling tool on the ends of your hair to see how it reacts and adjust settings accordingly. When you are confident that your straightener or curling wand is at the correct temperature, start close to your scalp and move through the hair, away from your face, and create the look you want.

Are ceramic hair tools better?
Ceramic hair tools are good for your hair because they help smooth hair and reduce frizz. A ceramic straightening plate holds heat well and is able to achieve high temperatures. The even distribution of heat across the plate means that your hair is less likely to be damaged or burnt.

Titanium and Tourmaline styling tools are both good to use on your hair too. Just ensure that the plates do not become too hot.

How to choose a good hair styling tool?
Hairhouse has a range of the best hair styling tools. A good rule of thumb is to buy the best equipment you can afford at the time. In our Silver Bullet range, there are plenty of great options that will care for your hair and style it beautifully. Try the hair dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons.

Parlux also has a range of hair dryers that come in a range of colours, sizes and prices. Silencers and diffusers can also be added to the hair dryers, if needed.

Get some advice from our friendly sales assistants about which hair styling tool is best for your hair type. Hairhouse has stores all over Australia. To find the one nearest to you, use our store locator at the top left of this page. Simply put in your postcode and your closest store will be nominated.