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Sexy Hair

Styling for Men

Long or short, men’s hair looks better when it’s styled. Believe it or not guys, those slightly scruffy, casually windswept hair-do’s that seem to naturally fall into place are actually carefully sculpted to look that way! And short hair definitely needs a little stying, otherwise it just looks…. short. And boring. And no man wants to look short and boring.

But don’t worry – with a few expert tips and some great men’s hair styling products you’ll be styling your hair in less time than it takes to say, ‘A Coopers Pale Ale thanks mate!’

How to style men’s hair

Start with a good haircut, and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Consider what your hair needs and what you’d like to achieve with your styling products.

If your hair is unruly, dry or coarse select a product like the KMS California Hair Play Liquid Wax designed to give your hair shape, strong hold and shine. You can use this product on wet or dry hair.

If you want to wash-and-go, look for men’s styling products which can be used on wet hair, like the American Crew Grooming Cream. This product is designed to be used on towel-dried hair to provide excellent shine and to hold your hairstyle.

Pomades and waxes can be used on dry hair to create shape and hold your style while protecting against your hair’s natural predator… humidity. To control your hairstyle after blow drying try MAKE’s Dapper Pomade for improved manageability, softness, shine and flexible styling.

Some men’s styling products are designed to create a matte finish, and others promote shine. Some will create a ‘texturised’ look while others will provide a sleek, smooth, polished appearance. You can even go as far as a wet-look style.

How do you use hair styling products? Simply rub a small amount into your fingers and apply to your hair, moulding it into the look you want to achieve. Yep, it’s that easy!

If you need help speak to the expert staff at your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse store for friendly advice. Enter your postcode here to find your local store.

How to style men’s long hair

To control flyaways and frizz in long hair look for a product with a shine finish, and if you’re tying it up the men’s styling products offering a slicked back, wet look with strong hold will work beautifully.

For a long-haired, naturally tousled appearance choose products which deliver ‘texture’ and flexible hold.

How to style men’s short hair

With so many products to choose from you can tailor your styling efforts to suit your short hair type, be it curly, coarse, fine, thick, thinning, or even dead straight.

Look for products which are specially formulated for your type of short hair, but a general all-round great product for most types of short hair is Redken’s Shape Factor providing a matte finish, easy styling and maximum control.

What product to use for men’s hair

The selection of gels, creams, pomades, waxes, polishes, clays and fibres can be confusing, even for us gals who are used to hair products! Don’t be baffled by all the names, just look for a product which says it is suited to your hair type, and to the needs of your hair and the level of styling you want to achieve.

Where to buy men’s hair styling products

If you’re a man, and you need men’s hair styling products, Hairhouse Warehouse is the go. Really, it’s like your favourite bar with every possible beer on tap. Perhaps you’ve heard of American Crew? Paul Mitchell? Fudge? Make or Muk or Nak? If you can think of a famous brand of men’s hair styling products, you will find it at Hairhouse Warehouse.