Sunless Tanning
We know that spending time beneath the sun’s damaging UV rays without good sun protection causes premature ageing and melanoma, but is that the price we pay for a great tan? No way! If you’re looking for a safe way to achieve that sun-kissed healthy glow without resorting to hours in the sun, fake tan is your friend. Pop into Hairhouse Warehouse to see a range of products which will give you a super bronzed bod or a golden glow using instant or gradual tanning products designed for use on face or body.

How to tan
Instant or gradual tanning products work best on clean, exfoliated and well hydrated skin. If you don’t exfoliate or moisturise your skin first, your tan may appear patchy and uneven. You may need someone to help apply tanning products to your back, and go lightly around your knees, ankles and elbows, ensuring they are well moisturised first and rubbing the tanning product in thoroughly to avoid dark patches.

Choose a gradual tanning and moisturising product such as ST TROPEZ Gradual Tan Body to create a darker skin tone enhanced by nourishing Aloe Vera and moisturising ingredients to promote radiant skin.

How to tan faster
Sometimes an early burst of summer weather catches us unprepared, and our wintery white limbs aren’t ready to be bared in a cute summer dress just yet! To avoid the ghostly look, pop into Hairhouse Warehouse and pick up an instant bronzing lotion, cream or gel. Instant tans should be applied using a tanning mitt to avoid stained hands – an obvious giveaway that your golden tan wasn’t acquired in the Maldives... When your friends swing by and say ‘let’s head to the beach,’ St Tropez Express Mousse is an easy way to get an instant tan on your lily-white skin, making you beach-ready in as little as one hour!

How to fake tan
When it comes to rocking a fabulous tan, faking it until you make it is definitely the go! Fake or faux tan is the safest way to acquire bronzed, outdoorsy skin.

How long does fake tan last?
The time your tan lasts depends on the product, your skin and how well you maintain it. Gradual tans should be applied daily to retain your golden glow while instant tans can be topped up when needed.

How long does a spray tan last?
Generally a spray tan will last between five to ten days. You can top it up when it begins to fade with fake tan products for a healthy, bronzed glow all summer long.