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Shampoo and conditioner will never be the same if you buy American Crew. Specialising in men’s grooming and hair products, American Crew takes hair styling and even men’s body wash to the next level. Shop contemporary styling creams, molding clays and body washes online at Hairhouse!


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Is American Crew good for your hair?
For over twenty-five years American Crew have been the leading salon brand providing innovative men's grooming products to men across the globe. When a trusted business has been the market leader for as long as American Crew, you know their products are good. American Crew products for men include body, shaving and hair styling products including shampoos, conditioners and a variety of forming creams to create stylish texture, shine and hold.

American Crew gives men the tools they need to create stylish looks using hair care products designed specifically for men's hair. As to whether American Crew is good for your hair, even products designed for hair styling can be good for your hair. Consider the widely-used product, American Crew Fiber. This popular styling paste is designed to provide your hair with a strong hold and low shine finish. But American Crew Fiber also contains lanolin and beeswax which help to condition your hair and protect against moisture loss. In fact, lanolin and beeswax are common ingredients in many styling products.

What American Crew product is good for me?
Great question! Hairhouse stock a wide range of American Crew men's grooming products so how do you determine which ones are good for your hair? When we're talking about finding good hair care and styling products which suit you, the secret is to know your particular hair type and condition, and what is needed to keep it looking great.

Let's start with shampoos and conditioners. If dandruff is an issue for you, American Crew have a shampoo to help you control it. The Anti Dandruff & Sebum Control Shampoo treats and prevents dandruff by regulating the production of sebum and preventing an itchy, flaky scalp.

Professional men or in fact any guy who likes to wash his hair frequently can safely use the American Crew Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, suited to normal and oily hair types. The Daily Shampoo uses natural ingredients such as sage and chamomile to gently cleanse the hair. The Daily Conditioner cares for the hair and scalp using menthol, peppermint oil and extracts of rosemary and thyme.

As great hair doesn't just belong on young heads, American Crew have designed haircare products for men whose hair might be an indication of their advancing years. The Gray Shampoo uses violet pigments (don't panic guys, you won't end up with a purple rinse!) to deep cleanse hair and neutralise the unwanted yellow tones which commonly develop in blonde and grey hair.

Repeated use of oil-based styling products can cause a build-up in the hair and on the scalp. Shampooing with a deep cleanser is recommended if you use oil-based styling products on a daily basis. The American Crew Power Cleanser Shampoo is formulated to remove strong styling products, creating more body in your hair while also refreshing your scalp. This product can be used on any hair type but if your hair tends towards dryness, you should always follow it with a conditioner to counteract dryness.

If your hair is coloured, dry or damaged, the Precision Blend Shampoo is designed to minimise colour loss and protect against fading. This paraben and sulfate free formula also restores moisture to dry and damaged hair.

American Crew styling products for professional men include forming creams, pomades, waxes, pastes, gel, clay and fiber. Confused? Fair enough, unless you're a hairdresser it is a little confusing.

Each of those products will give men the tools to create stylish looks with varying degrees of hold and shine. American Crew Fiber offers a strong hold and a low shine finish. Heavy Hold Pomade provides an even stronger hold but with a high shine finish, for professional men who like a glossy look to their hair. The Molding Clay will give strong hold with a medium shine and the Forming Cream is a medium hold, water-based styling cream. There are many more American Crew products which give men the tools to create whatever look they desire.

Where to buy American Crew hair products?
Hairhouse have a fantastic range of American Crew shampoos, conditioners, men's grooming products and hair care products to create stylish good looks. Call in and check out the range at your nearest Hairhouse location - click here to find it - or order online for fast, free delivery on orders over $50.00.

Is American Crew Fiber good for long hair?
American Crew Fiber is a styling cream designed to give both flexibility and control with a natural shine finish. When applied to damp hair it helps to create a smooth feel with long-lasting hold for short to medium-length men's hair.

The range of products designed by American Crew gives men a lot of choice with respect to the amount of hold, flexibility and shine they want. While Fiber will provide a strong, pliable hold in short to medium length hair, it will do the same in long hair - depending on your definition of 'long' - but to a lesser degree, as longer hair is harder to control and hold in place than short hair.

The qualified staff at your local Hairhouse salon are happy to discuss the look you want to achieve and recommend the American Crew products which are best likely to work well with your hair length and type. Why not book a wash and trim while you're there, and ask them to finish with the American Crew fiber, forming cream, pomade or paste which you think will provide the desired shine and control for your hair. It's a great way to try before you buy!