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BaByliss Pro products are renowned for their sleek, progressive Italian design, perfect for salon or at-home use. Shop the ultimate hair straighteners, hairdryers, hot roller sets, curling irons, clippers, and more.

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BaByliss PROCeramic Straightener

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BaByliss PROAttitude Dryer

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BaByliss PRO32mm Ceramic Curling Tong

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BaByliss PROTravel Pack
BaByliss PROArgan Oil Treatment 59mL

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BaByliss PROBaByliss Pro Rotating Hot Air Styler

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BaByliss PROArgan Oil 12-in-1 Daily Treatment

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BaByliss PROArgan Oil Restorative Mask 235g

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BaByliss PROArgan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo 350mL

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BaByliss PROArgan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner 350mL

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Behind the Brand

Babyliss Pro

Where to buy Babyliss Pro?
BaByliss Pro heated styling tools are found at your local Hairhouse salon and are also available to purchase from the comprehensive online store. Since the Hairhouse owners Joseph and Tony Lattouf opened the first Hairhouse store in Melbourne in 1992, the popular hair and beauty chain has expanded to over 130 franchised stores found all throughout Australia.

With such a diverse range of hair and beauty services, haircare products and styling tools available, Hairhouse stores are able to offer great prices on all the popular hair styling brands, such as BaByliss Pro. To find your closest Hairhouse store stocking a full range of BaByliss Pro electrical styling products click here, or shop online for fast and easy service with free shipping when you spend over fifty dollars.

When you buy your BaByliss Pro products at Hairhouse, you are purchasing a brand which invests in the latest technology and offers sleek, progressive Italian design. The BaByliss Pro team aim to bring you innovative electrical styling tools suitable for both salon and home use, and which deliver a professional finish while protecting your hair from heat damage.

At Hairhouse you can buy BaByliss Pro hair straighteners, hair dryers, hot rollers in sets, curling irons, clippers and more, including their best-selling flagship product, the renowned Miracurl 3, 3-in-1 Professional Curl Machine with adjustable barrel sizes and three curl settings.

How to Use BaByliss Pro Curling Iron?
BaByliss Pro have a great choice of curling irons and tongs in a variety of barrel sizes to create different curls and waves on both short and long hair.

BaByliss Pro curling irons with 16mm barrel sizes are ideal for creating defined or tight curls in short to mid-length hair. The 38mm curling iron will create loose curls or voluminous waves in long, thick hair with ease and the remaining sizes are perfect for hair that is neither short nor super long. Remember that your curls will drop to some degree, so curl your hair a little tighter than you want to allow for that drop.

Curling irons should only be used on dry hair and ideally set not higher than 350 to 400 degrees at the most, to avoid heat damage. To curl your hair follow these steps:
1. After washing your hair apply a heat protectant spray before drying it with your favourite BaByliss Pro hair dryer.
2. Divide your hair into sections and secure the top sections out of the way.
3. Begin curling the bottom sections by clamping the curling iron approximately one or two inches from the ends and curl the hair away from your face up towards the roots.
4. Hold the iron in place for about seven or eight seconds and then release.
5. When finished lightly tousle your curls for a natural look and spray to hold.

As a general rule you should always curl the front sections of hair away from your face, but each of the remaining sections can be curled in alternating directions for a naturally soft style.

Which is the best hair dryer?
BaByliss Pro are a European brand who have dominated the electrical styling tools market for over 50 years with their high performing hair dryers. They create hair dryers using the latest technology so that you get a salon-quality blow dry not just in the hands of the professionals, but at home too.

Hairhouse BaByliss Pro users rate the BaByliss Pro Attitude Dryer a huge 4.8 out of 5 stars. This Italian-made ionic hair dryer has a powerful 2100W long-life motor with advanced airflow for faster drying.

There is a good range of BaByliss Pro hair dryers to choose from at Hairhouse, so it is easy to find a hair dryer which feels comfortable, manageable, and delivers salon-professional hair drying quickly and easily.

Do BaByliss Pro make good hair straighteners?
They certainly do! In fact the BaByliss Pro Rapido Straightener is rated 4 stars for its lightweight design and ease of use. It features the latest technology in nano titanium and ceramic plus infrared technology for safe, fast straightening using 25mm wide plates. This hair straightener features variable temperature settings enabling you to dispense the right amount of heat for your hair type.

Just as you would with your curling irons, you should always apply a thermal heat protectant spray before using BaByliss Pro hair straighteners on your hair. You can't go wrong with top quality European design!

Why choose BaByliss Pro Hot Rollers?
We love the convenience of hot rollers! What a great time-saver, enabling you to style your hair and apply your makeup or get dressed - or in fact do anything you like - while your hair is drying into fabulous, natural-looking curls. In typical high-performing BaByliss Pro style, the Cascade 20 piece Multi-Size Hot Roller Set creates beautifully loose or tight curls which are sleek, smooth and full of bounce. The assorted small, medium and large hot roller sizes provide a choice of curl size and are ceramic-infused for ultra-smooth curls and waves.