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De Lorenzo is an Australian family-owned hair care company that enjoys a loyal following and along, distinguished history. With an array of modern-day must-haves, De Lorenzo products are packed with certified organic extracts, natural plant oils, and vitamins.

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Behind the Brand

De Lorenzo

Are De Lorenzo shampoos good?
De Lorenzo is an Australian-made and family-owned professional haircare company with a long and distinguished history. The De Lorenzo brand supplies top quality haircare products to professional salons and consumers. The company operates under the following values:

- Products are 100% manufactured in Australia
- The brand is environmentally aware
- Products are infused with certified organic extracts
- Products contain botanical extract, natural plant oils and vitamins
- The brand uses sustainably farmed ingredients
- Ingredients are not tested on animals
- Products contain no petrochemicals
- Products are biodegradable

Whether a company produces 'good' shampoos depends on your defining criteria. When a family-owned and operated Australian company with strong ethics produces natural shampoos using cruelty-free and environmentally responsible methods are they good? You bet! But what takes De Lorenzo shampoos from good to fantastic is the diversity of their range and the consumer-endorsed results.

Let's look at the before and after effects of a good shampoo. A good shampoo targets the state of your hair then works to improve it. De Lorenzo shampoos use the finest enriching ingredients to gently cleanse and enhance the following hair types:

- Various shades of coloured hair
- Sensitive scalps
- Heat-damaged hair
- Hair suffering from product build-up
- Fine and flat hair
- Oily hair and scalp
- Dry, thick and unruly hair
- Curly hair and hair prone to frizz
- Grey hair
- Chemically-treated and dehydrated hair

Is there a Do De Lorenzo colour shampoo for my hair?
De Lorenzo have an extensive selection of shampoos to maintain and prolong the vibrant, rich lustre of your colour.

To eliminate yellow tones in blonde or lightened hair try the Novafusion Colour Care Silver Shampoo. Other colour shampoos in the Novafusion Colour Care range include Auburn, Beige Blonde, Burgundy, Cherry Red, Chocolate, Cool Natural, Copper, Grey and Natural Tones.

Alternatively try the Novafusion Intense Colour Care range for colours which fade more quickly. These sulfate and paraben free colour shampoos contains colour enhancing botanicals such as Kakadu Plum, Roobios and Birch in Brown, Copper, Indigo and Red.

Do De Lorenzo shampoos get good reviews?
The accuracy of shampoo reviews can be impacted by the reviewer's ability to choose the right shampoo for their specific hair type. A plethora of consistently high 4 and 5-star reviews across the entire range of De Lorenzo shampoos is therefore a testament to their effectiveness and an indication that great results can be achieved using their shampoos designed to target all hair types.

92% of reviewers on Australia's biggest beauty review database, beautyheaven, rated De Lorenzo's Instant Rejuven8 Shampoo 4 and 5 stars. Instant Rejuven8 Shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes using a blend of aloe vera and berry extracts with rice amino acids to strengthen and protect from damage.

The Tricho Scalp Control Cleanser is awarded 5 out of 5 stars by beautyheaven reviewers. It is suitable for oily hair with scalp concerns such as dandruff, itching, flaking, redness and scaling and contains certified organic ingredients to soothe an irritated scalp.

Hairhouse clients have provided glowing 5-star reviews of the Novafusion Colour Care Silver Shampoo, the Tricho Scalp Balance Cleanser and the Essentials Absorb Dry Shampoo. They also award five stars to shampoo and conditioner packages in the following ranges:

- Instant Accentu8 Trio
- Rejuven8 Trio
- Tricho Scalp Balance Solutions Pack

While these are the stand-out star performers, many other De Lorenzo shampoos also receive 4 or 4.5-star ratings from consumers.

How often to use De Lorenzo shampoo?
Once hair becomes oily or dirty, it should be cleansed using the De Lorenzo shampoo which is best suited to specific hair types.

When you use the right shampoo for your hair type your hair issues are controlled, meaning you may need to shampoo less often. Shampoos for oily hair help to control the amount of oil and sebum your scalp produces. Shampoos for fine, limp or flat hair add volume, body and bounce. Shampoos for dry hair control moisture balance, so regular use of your favourite De Lorenzo shampoo when necessary is better for your hair.

Colours will inevitably fade, wash or grow out over time, but cleansing with a De Lorenzo colour shampoo does help to prolong the life of your colour and achieve important moisture balance. The De Lorenzo range of colour shampoos are tailored to a wide range of different colours. Some products such as purple shampoo help to minimise yellowing in blonde hair and others brighten beautiful brunette hair while reducing orange tones. Dull grey hair can be lifted hair by silver shampoo and many shades of brown or blonde hair can be prolonged with a De Lorenzo colour shampoo.

You may need to shampoo once a week or less, if your hair isn't prone to greasiness and doesn't become sweaty or dirty. But if you have an oily scalp, you are active and sweaty on the sports field or in the gym, or you work in an environment where dust and dirt particles may settle on your hair, then you should shampoo accordingly. Equally the priority with dry hair is to achieve moisture balance, so excessive washing is not recommended.

What is the best De Lorenzo shampoo for oily hair?
De Lorenzo's Prescriptive Solutions range is tailor-made to target your specific hair concerns for healthy shiny hair. Using a colour-safe prescription free of sulfates, parabens and petrochemicals, this range is infused with botanical ingredients such as Australian wattle seed, rosemary leaf extract, olive leaf extract, lemon aspen and many more natural ingredients for healthy shiny hair. The Prescriptive Solutions range is developed using innovative techniques such as liquid crystal technology, ceramide defense complex and phyto-strengthening complex for amazing before and after results.

Within the Prescriptive Solutions range the Control shampoo is specially formulated with a sebum-regulating complex to effectively cleanse and refresh your oil-prone hair and scalp while controlling oil production. It is a sulfate and paraben free cleanser which revitalises and manages an oily scalp, fortifying the hair with a prescribed oil-regulating complex. Suitable for fine, limp, coloured and oily hair types, the Control Shampoo is infused with plant extracts such as lemon aspen, olive leaf extract and rosemary leaf extract to refresh the scalp and control excessive oil production.

The Control Shampoo is best paired with a Control conditioner, of which you have two options. The Control Revive Conditioner is a light-weight formula with a natural oil regulating complex. It manages oil production to create smooth hair with body and manageability. If you have very oily hair you may prefer the Control Intense Conditioner. It is also a light-weight conditioner but it is formulated with a more intense oil regulating complex to refresh very oily hair.

Between washes the Control Absorb Dry Shampoo is designed to cleanse and control oily roots, refreshing your hair and creating volume and lift at the roots to alleviate flat, greasy hair. It contains effective botanicals such as certified organic rosehip, bamboo and rice extracts for a healthy shiny look.

Where to buy De Lorenzo shampoo online?
Once you've discovered which is your favourite De Lorenzo shampoo best suited to your specific hair type, it is super quick and easy to purchase your haircare products online from Hairhouse. Simply select your products and add to your shopping cart to receive 10% off your first purchase and free shipping on purchases over $50. Payment is easy using a credit or debit card, zipPay, four easy payments using Afterpay or PayPal.

When you shop online with Hairhouse your goods are shipped promptly from Melbourne via registered post with Australia Post. In accordance with our policy you will receive a refund, a credit or the opportunity to exchange your shampoo if the product is significantly different to what was shown or described on our site or if it is not fit for purpose.

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