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Evo was born from a desire to shake up the hair industry status quo. And boy, has it done just that! Growing from an Aussie start-up into a global movement, this is the go-to brand for the best in the business, including leading salon experts, editorial stylists, and industry free-thinkers.

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Behind the Brand


What is evo?
evo Australia is a refreshingly honest brand of haircare; a brand without the gimmicks, unnecessary ingredients or pseudo technologies mentioned solely to impress, or baffle. The evo hair care brand markets itself as 'an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.'

evo is all about producing salon quality, effective and luxurious hair care products designed with innovation and created with simplicity and honesty in mind. Evo's goal is to keep the beauty industry honest, so you won't be promised the world with evo products, but you will find products which are manufactured with respect for the environment and provide professional, salon-quality results.

The high quality evo range includes a variety of cleansing, conditioning, treatment and styling products for hair.

Where to buy evo hair products?
Evo hair stockists include your local Hairhouse salon - the place to go for new salon hair products such as evo. Not sure where to find the nearest Hairhouse store to your location? Click here and enter your postcode or suburb for a list of Hairhouse salons in your neighbourhood. You can also buy evo hair products online from Hairhouse using their super quick and easy online shopping facility and pay with a credit card, PayPal, Afterpay or Zip pay.

What are the ingredients in evo hair products?
evo hair products are full of personality with a dash of reality-check mixed with a little humour thrown in for good luck.

While all evo hair care products aren't 100% pure and natural, the high quality products are formulated without nasty sulphates, parabens, DEA, TEA, and propylene glycol. Evo products do contain the finest, globally-sourced active ingredients available. You will find active ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, nourishing argan oil, lanolin and lanolin wax, beeswax and a few other effective ingredients in your evo products. Consult the pack or the team at Hairhouse for an ingredients list specific to the evo haircare product line most suited to your hair.

evo products are designed to deliver professional results and are manufactured with respect for the environment.

Are evo hair products cruelty free?
evo do not conduct animal testing in the formulation of their haircare products.

evo products for curly hair?
While curly hair can be the bane of your life, with the help of evo hair care products your troublesome curls can become smooth, frizz-free and defined. evo products for curly hair include the Mane Tamer - an evo shampoo and conditioner duo designed to smooth and strengthen hair while cleansing and conditioning.

evo styling products for curly hair include the evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm which creates beautiful shape and clear definition while eliminating frizz and fly-aways. evo hair product reviewers love include the Liquid Rollers Curl Balm because it has an ideal texture which doesn't weigh curls down and creates super smooth, frizz-free bouncy curls.

evo Whip It Good is a fantastic styling mousse for adding texture and definition to curls. This rich mousse adds moisture and shine, helping to reduce frizz and control dry hair. It seals the cuticle to protect the hair against humidity, and provides a light hold.

evo products for curly hair aren't limited to treatments and style control, they include a range of combs and brushes designed for curly hair. Check out the evo Roy Wide Tooth Detangling comb with antistatic properties, ideal for the curliest heads of hair.

What is evo Fabuloso Pro?
evo Fab Pro is a unique, in-salon colour maintenance system. Your hair stylist can create an individualised colour maintenance conditioner which perfectly matches your in-salon colour. Hair colour is then refreshed, rejuvenated and maintained between salon visits by adding the Fab Pro direct dyes to evo conditioners and used with permanent, demi and semi-permanent coloured hair.

evo hair Fabuloso Pro can be used to refresh, tone, accent and enhance all colours using ammonia-free, peroxide-free semi-colours in a conditioner base.

The evo Fabuloso Pro conditioner adds UV protection to your hair and extends the life of your hair colour, while also strengthening and moisturising colour-treated hair.

How often should you use evo Fabuloso?
evo recommend using Fabuloso once a week to maintain your colour and keep your hair in great shape.