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Reach your hair goals with Goldwell. This stylist-exclusive brand harnesses the power of high-performance formulations within its full range of stunning hair colour, hair care, and hair styling products.

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GoldwellDualsenses Color Duo Pack

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Behind the Brand


How to use Goldwell Colorance?
Goldwell Colorance is an ammonia free, pH balanced, demi permanent hair colour. Colourists use this product to achieve brilliant, glossy colour while the inbuilt IntraLipid Technology helps to repair, regenerate and protect the hair structure from damage. Up to 35% improvement in hair structure can result after using any of the fabulous Goldwell Colorance hair colours.

Goldwell Colorance is used not just to colour your hair but also to rejuvenate or enhance your existing colour or natural hair, giving it more depth, liveliness and shine. It even provides grey coverage of up to 50% although some people claim as much as up to 75% coverage of their grey hair after using Goldwell Colorance products.

While colour treatments are usually aimed at changing or increasing certain pigments in your hair, Colorance Clear can be used to reduce colour depths or to create a shade perhaps described as closer to 'pastel' than 'vibrant'. 

When using Goldwell Colorance the lotion should be measured first, and the colour then added. After consulting the colour chart, colours should be mixed using the Goldwell scale for accurate measurements and applied according to the directions.

Colorance should be applied evenly to clean, towel-dried hair from the scalp to the ends. After 15 to 25 minutes maximum, it should be thoroughly rinsed out and followed by a Goldwell conditioner before rinsing and styling.

Where can I buy Goldwell hair colour?
Goldwell have a professional hair care product for every hairdressing service, resulting in creative colours, beautiful, glossy styles and healthy, shiny, resilient hair.

You can find an extensive range of Goldwell products including hair colours, Goldwell shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products at your local Hairhouse salon, or by purchasing online from the Hairhouse store.

Goldwell Colorance is not the only Goldwell hair colour product at Hairhouse. The brand also includes Soft Colour - a semi-permanent, soft mousse colour. In a wide range of colour tones, Soft Colour is super easy to use in a highly absorbent foam, creating a new shade or giving your existing shade a lift. Soft Colour foam mousse is a great way to test the waters, so to speak, using a semi permanent colour before settling on your preferred demi permanent colour in the Colorant range.

If you haven't visited your local Hairhouse salon before, it's easy to find. Simply click here to use the store locator and see the stores near your location. The helpful team in store are happy to answer any questions you may have about Goldwell hair products.

Are Goldwell shampoos and conditioners good?
Goldwell is a stylist exclusive brand with a wide range of beautiful hair products for any hair type. Choose from Goldwell shampoos and conditioners for scalp care, curly hair, or the rich repair range to reconstruct and reawaken damaged hair. There are various cleansing and styling products for all shades of coloured hair, from hair that needs pumping up to hair that needs to settle down. There is even a range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products for men! Whatever your hair type, there is a Goldwell product to help your hair to shine.

Products within the Dualsenses range contain the innovative microPROtec complex which distributes essential care ingredients quickly and evenly throughout the hair. MicroPROtec complex delivers results for instantly manageable, beautiful hair.

If humidity drives you and your hair wild, the Dualsenses Just Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner will tame unmanageable frizz, softening and smoothing their hair with the microPROtec complex and Kukui Nut Oil.
If your sensitive scalp is dry or irritated, the Scalp Specialist Sensitive Soothing Lotion will calm the scalp and moisturise the hair using lime tree blossom extract and scalp regulation complex. No more annoying, itchy scalp!
If your hair is tired, stressed and prone to breakage, the Dualsenses Rich Repair Anti-Breakage Conditioner is designed to reduce hair breakage by up to 88 per cent by improving elasticity, hydration levels and manageability.

While Goldwell hair products will target all your hair concerns, they all contain specific colour protection to reduce fading while dealing with separate hair concerns.

How long does Goldwell Colorance last?
Goldwell Colorance is an intensive demi permanent hair colour, which means the dye takes substantially longer than semi permanent hair colours to fade or wash out. Reviewers on Beautyheaven Reviews and Rewards give Goldwell Colorance a fabulous 4 out of 5-star rating, saying it gives awesome grey coverage, that it delivers vibrant colour with a natural fade and is worth the money.

The length of time that hair dye lasts varies, depending on factors outside of the product itself. The frequency with which the hair is washed and the cleansing products used can make a difference to the life of the colour. The actual pigment used and the condition of the hair can also affect the time it takes to fade and wash out. That said, Goldwell Colorance delivers rich and vibrant colour with a gentle, gradual fade, lasting several weeks on average.

What is Goldwell Kerasilk treatment?
Keratin has long been renowned for the ability to deliver smooth control to unmanageable and unruly hair using keratin bonding technology. Goldwell's Kerasilk treatments are in-salon treatments and home care products designed to give long-lasting manageability and control to unruly, frizzy hair types. The Goldwell Kerasilk treatment products are infused with keratin and liquid silk ingredients to create silky smooth, shiny and well-behaved hair.

Do Goldwell styling products work?
Goldwell styling products include the popular StyleSign range designed to provide hold, texture, smoothness or shape to all hair styles. To deliver natural looking hair with fabulous control and finish, Goldwell StyleSign products use innovative Flexprotec Complex containing polymers, elastomers, UV filters and bamboo proteins to protect against colour fade and heated styling while providing the desired amount of hold for a lasting, naturally flexible style.

The StyleSign Creative Texture Crystal Turn is a high shine gel wax for creating glossy hair with a flexible finish. It is the perfect product for use on dry or normal hair, creating defined and shiny waves and curls that hold their shape.

For a less glossy finish and more texture, try the StyleSign Creative Texture Matte Rebel clay. The result? A tough, extremely textured look which gives great hold and a dry finish.

StyleSign styling products also include the Power Whip Strengthening Volume Mousse to style, boost and detangle fine, limp hair, and the alcohol-free Glamour Whip Brilliance Styling Mousse which conditions and volumizes hair, while providing strong yet flexible support and heat protection.

The range of Goldwell styling products include many more sprays, lacquers, mousses and gels to create the style you want and provide long-lasting hold and shape for beautiful hair all day 'and night' long.