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The Matrix professional range offers you the perfect hair care and styling products to feel and look confident every day. Through inspiration and innovation, Matrix supports everyone to achieve their dreams and IMAGINE ALL THEY CAN BE!

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MatrixTotal Results Curl Please Shampoo 1L

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MatrixTotal Results Mega Sleek Blow Down 150mL

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Where can I buy Matrix hair products?
Hairhouse Warehouse have an extensive range of Matrix professional haircare products for all hair types. If you are unsure which is the closest Hairhouse Warehouse salon to you enter your suburb or postcode into the handy store locator here.

There is a growing network of over 130 fabulous Hairhouse Warehouse salons right across the country, providing both professional hair care services and a huge selection of salon quality haircare products, styling tools and accessories.

If there isn't a store convenient to your location, you can take advantage of our user-friendly online store for all your haircare needs. Simply browse or search for your favourite products and place your order for quick and easy delivery. If this is your first order you will receive a 10% discount and orders over $50 are shipped free of charge once you have opened your account.

There is a Matrix haircare collection at Hairhouse Warehouse specifically for you, whether your hair needs curl-management, damage repair, flyaway smoothing, body amplifying, hydrating or anything else - the Matrix range caters for all hair types and issues, so pop into your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse salon today and pick up your favourite Matrix products.

Which Matrix shampoo is best for hairfall control?
Hair fall can have many causes. It may be a medication or health issue that is causing your hair loss problem, it could also be age or hormone related. But a small degree of hair loss is often simply due to breakage as a result of damaged hair, and an unhealthy scalp which suffers from dryness.

Within the Matrix range you have several shampoos and product lines designed to improve the health of both your hair and your scalp for reduced hairfall and increased hair density and volume.

Biolage Full Density shampoo is part of the Biolage hair thickening system enriched with the vitamins essential for healthy hair and scalp conditions. Those vitamins are biotin, zinc and combined glucosamine and omega-3 to create a healthier scalp and hair while creating volume. Follow the Full Density shampoo with the Full Density conditioner and Thickening Spray for a complete haircare system designed to create a healthy hair environment.

The Biolage Volumebloom duo pack is also a great way to improve the health of your scalp and hair using a paraben free formula. Perfect for fine or thinning hair, Volumebloom will give the hair 70% more volume and add fabulous shine. Volumebloom shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping the natural oils which are essential to a scalp which is conducive to hair growth.

The Biolage Exquisite Oil range provides intense nourishment for unhappy heads of hair, infusing vitamin-laden macadamia oil, argan oil and moringa oil into the hair and scalp, relieving a dry scalp and thereby helping to reduce hairfall.

How can Matrix care for my coloured hair?
You can care for your coloured hair with a multitude of nourishing Matrix products! Whether it's in the salon or at home, we spend a lot of time and money obtaining that perfect hair colour we love, so we want it to last as long as possible. The best way to achieve this is by using Matrix products designed to protect coloured hair from fading, eliminate brassy tones, and retain colour vibrancy.

The Matrix Total Results Hello Blonde products are loaded with luscious chamomile, panthenol and antioxidants to restore vibrancy to blonde hair. The Colour Obsessed range contains antioxidants which protect against colour-fading and the Brass Off duo will kick brassy tones to the kerb.

The Biolage Colorlast duo has a beautiful paraben-free, low pH formula designed to resist colour-fading and the loss of sheen and lustre for up to 9 weeks. It helps hair to maintain the initial depth of colour, shine and tone so that our hair looks freshly-coloured for longer.

Does Matrix have a shampoo and conditioner for my hair type?
The Matrix range is so extensive there is a shampoo and conditioner for every hair type - and more! If you're a health conscious gal or guy, the Biolage R.A.W. range puts Real, Authentic, Wholesome goodness back into the hair to reveal a nourished and healthy crowning glory. This range of shampoos and conditioners are of 70-77% natural origin, are 98-99% biodegradable and the packaging is made from 95-100% recycled plastic. They contain no silicones or sulfates, no parabens and no artificial colours. This beautiful collection offers the Nourish shampoo and conditioner for dull, dry hair and the Recover shampoo and conditioner infused with yucca and goji berry to restore shine and good health to stressed hair. The Uplift shampoo and conditioner contain black sesame and grapefruit to give body to fine, flat hair and the Color Care shampoo and conditioner which is infused with coconut milk and meadowfoam to protect and maintain the integrity of coloured hair. Whether you have sensitivities or simply want to keep your haircare regime as natural as possible, the Biolage R.A.W. range caters for you.

In the Biolage range you will find an anti-dandruff shampoo, a variety of colour-fast shampoos and conditioners, a shampoo and conditioner to strengthen hair fibres and one to repair damaged hair from the inside out. Obviously there are shampoos and conditioners to increase hydration and moisture, along with ones to add shine and volume.

While the Biolage range contains every type of shampoo and conditioner you can think of, there is also the Total Results range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products providing support and results to coloured, curly hair, unruly, dry, and damaged hair.

We weren't kidding when we said there is one for every hair type - and more!

Can I buy my favourite Matrix products in duos packs?
You certainly can, and you definitely should! A fabulous way to save money, the Matrix duo packs provide generous 300ml and 400ml bottles of shampoo and conditioner from as little as $27.95. While some haircare lines only offer occasional products in duo packs, Matrix provide many of their specially formulated products as a duo pack purchase option.

The famous Total Results lines include duo packs for smoothing unruly, frizz-prone hair, restoring moisture to dry hair, restoring vibrancy to blondes and protecting coloured hair from fading, giving volume to flat hair, removing brassy tones and reviving damaged hair. Do any of those resonate with you?

The beautiful Biolage range also comes in duo packs. Long-lasting 400ml bottles for just $44.95 are definitely the way to go if you need to extend the life of your colour, improve hydration, increase volume or add smoothness.

Does Matrix have a haircare system for men?
Matrix don't specifically package their products for male customers, but men will find the shampoos and conditioners which add shine, moisture, volume and fibre great for their hair. Men with thinning hair will love the Total Results High Amplify Shampoo and conditioner available in both one litre and 300ml bottles. Loaded with protein and panthenol, High Amplify will give instant thickening and lift to fine, thinning hair.

Guys don't worry about styling products to get that textured look you want, try the Total Results Rock It Texture shampoo, designed specifically to provide structure and definition to short and wavy hair. Simply wash, rinse and style with your fingers for a long-lasting textured look.