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Found in salons and homes across Australia and New Zealand, NAK is reported to be the fastest-growing hair care company in the country. Inspired by everything Australian, this range of laid back shampoos, colour care, styling sprays, pomades, and scalp products is central to any superb hair routine.


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It's a short and snappy name but Nak is an all-Australian haircare company with a long reach. Nak products can be found in professional hairdressing salons right throughout Australia and across the ditch in New Zealand too. This evolving brand is reported to be the fastest growing hair care company in Australia at present.

Nak products are inspired by everything Australian - the laidback lifestyle, the sun-drenched landscapes and the raw beauty and toughness of the environment. These haircare products are designed to withstand the daily demands that are placed on our hair by the quintessential Australian way of living which usually includes salt, sand and significant sunshine.

Are Nak products bad for hair loss?
Not at all, in fact Nak's sulphate and paraben free formula is gentle on the scalp, reducing the risk of an irritated, inflamed and sensitive scalp which can contribute to hair loss.

Nak's Scalp to Hair range of products are designed to help reduce hair loss. They are scientifically formulated to target the causes of both male and female hair thinning. At Hairhouse Warehouse you won't stress your tresses when you choose products from the Scalp to Hair range. The Energise Shampoo will help detoxify thinning hair and remove product residue for a healthier scalp while the Moisture Rich Shampoo will do the same but is formulated specially for medium to coarse, chemically treated hair and the Revitalise Shampoo is for fine, thinning and chemically treated hair types.

Treatments in this range to target hair loss hair include the the Follicle Energiser Treatment which is a leave-in moisturiser designed to encourage blood flow to the scalp and rejuvenate hair follicles which soothing, hydrating, protecting and refreshing the scalp. The Scalp to Hair Thermal Protector shields the hair from heat damage while the Scalp to Hair Mineral Defence Treatment works on all hair types to nourish the scalp and hair with essential minerals, vitamins and further botanical sources which are good for hair and scalp health.

When you combine any of the shampoos with the compatible conditioners in the Scalp to Hair range and follow with a leave-in treatment, you are effectively improving scalp health and reducing hair loss.

Are Nak hair products cruelty free?
Yes, Nak quality products are not tested on animals.

Is there a Nak shampoo and conditioner to suit my hair type?
There sure is! If your hair is coloured, check out the delicious Aromas range of shampoos and conditioners. The sulphate free, paraben free and vegan-friendly formula contains botanical extracts from lavender, patchouli and geranium to maintain and preserve the colour vibrancy, shine and softness in colour-treated hair.

The Aromas collection also contains a shampoo, conditioner and a leave-in styling cream for curly hair. These luscious Nak products will gently cleanse and condition, creating supple, hydrated, frizz-free curls while improving natural bounce and vitality.

If your hair type leans more towards unruly than curly, the Smooth products in the Aromas range is designed to cleanse, hydrate, strengthen and smooth frizzy, unmanageable hair.

If your blonde hair isn’t having more fun, the Blonde Plus shampoo and conditioner range is all about putting the life back into blonde hair while repairing and preventing damage and neutralising those inevitable brassy tones.

The Care range of shampoos and conditioners will balance moisture levels while repairing and protecting all hair types and the Body.n.Shine products cleanse fine, dry or colour-treated hair while adding - well, body and shine! There are plenty more Nak shampoo and conditioners to cleanse and condition every type of hair, so you are sure to find one you love at Hairhouse Warehouse.

Where to buy Nak hair products?
Right across Australia more than 130 Hairhouse Warehouse salons supply the fantastic range of Nak professional haircare products.

If you haven't visited your local Hairhouse Warehouse salon yet, simply enter your suburb or post code into the store locator to find the nearest salon to your location. Alternatively, if you're an online shopper you will find shopping at the Hairhouse Warehouse online store quick, easy and convenient. When you make your first purchase online you will receive an extra 10% discount as a welcome gift, and all orders over $50 incur free shipping once you have created your Hairhouse Warehouse account.

Can Nak products tone coloured hair?
Toner is an important component of the colouring process, to ensure you get the warmth or coolness you want from your colour. Nak's Colour Fix range includes the normal product to protect any colour, adding shine and strength while nourishing and repairing coloured hair.

The Colour Fix Blonde removes brassy, yellow tones from blonde, grey or fair hair and the Colour Fix Blonde Plus provides extra toning and added moisture, also sealing the cuticle to prevent further damage and moisture loss. Colour Fix products should be applied to clean, towel-dried damp hair and left in.

Alternatively in the Blonde Plus range you can apply the Blonde Plus 10V Toning Foam to neutralise warmth and protect your colour from fading. This protect is applied to clean, damp hair, left to process for up to twenty minutes and then rinsed off. Combine with the Blonde Plus Shampoo and conditioner to maintain your colour and prevent brassiness between salon visits. So effective is this range that reviewers suggest using another Nak conditioner because the shampoo and toning foam are sufficient for removing all traces of yellow from blonde hair. Everyone's hair accepts colour differently however, so judge for yourself whether you need a double or triple whammy from the Blonde Plus range.

Is there a Nak product to repair split ends?
Reviewers of the Nak Repl.ends Spray describe it as a 'lifesaver'. This fabulous, leave-in moisturising spray provides multiple benefits to the hair. It seals the cuticle, reduces split ends, protects and hydrates for healthy, wholesome hair.

Prone to damaging much more easily, blonde colour-treated hair will benefit greatly from the leave-in split ends treatment Repl.ends Blonde Leave-in Moisturiser. The amazing Repl.ends products do the lot: detangling, moisturising, toning, sealing and protecting blonde hair while neutralising yellow tones using blue/violet pigments.

Looking after your hair, colour-treated or otherwise, is so much easier with Nak products!