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The Napoleon Perdis brand continues to break ground in the beauty scene, making elevated cosmetic formulations and fashion-forward make-up shades accessible to everyone. High-tech twists and ancient beauty secrets at every turn, Napoleon Perdis redefines beauty essentials in today's beauty industry.

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Napoleon Perdis

Is Napoleon Perdis Cruelty Free?
Beauty brand Napoleon Perdis offers products that are cruelty-free. And while the brand does not use vegan ingredients yet, it is expected that Napoleon Perdis makeup manufacturers will eventually make this switch as well. So, anyone who wants a nice foundation that is not tested on animals can count on the Napoleon Perdis foundation or one of the many other products available from this brand.

Many stylish customers currently prefer cruelty free makeup and beauty products. As you may know, these products have not been tested on animals. Several decades ago, cruelty-free makeup was almost non-existent. However, the consumer has become more conscious about the testing processes that accompany makeup. So, many makeup manufacturers are now eliminating animal testing to make their brand animal friendly. We are sure everyone is happy about that!

It is important to remember however, that not every makeup and beauty brand is cruelty-free. If cruelty-free makeup and beauty products are important to you, always check the details of your products. At Hairhouse, you can easily find details on a makeup and beauty brand by checking the brand overview or the product in question. It’s that easy!

Is Napoleon Perdis Vegan?
As mentioned in the previous section, Napoleon Perdis Australia is cruelty-free, but does not solely use vegan ingredients. If you are a vegan and want to use Napoleon Perdis, the brand favoured by makeup artists, feel free to return from time to time. Since vegan ingredients are becoming increasingly more popular, Napoleon Perdis will not be too long off from the brands that have turned completely vegan already.

The difference between vegan products and cruelty-free products lies with the ingredients. Vegan products do not include animal products or by-products. Good examples of animal by-products are milk or eggs. Cruelty-free products are not tested on animals but may contain animal by-products. Therefore, those who live a vegan lifestyle may find that Napoleon Perdis is not suitable for them. However, those looking for makeup that was not tested on animals, but are not vegan, will find the perfect choice in Napoleon Perdis.

Who Owns Napoleon Perdis?
Skincare, beauty tools and makeup brand Napoleon Perdis was originally owned by you guessed it, Napoleon Perdis. However, the makeup brand owner eventually left the company after it was taken over. The current owners of the brand are Livia Wang and Henry Lee.

When Napoleon Perdis was taken over, Mr Perdis and his wife retained creative control of the brand. However, Perdis and his wife left the company in 2019. Since then, the company has enjoyed continued success. The brand is currently planning on reopening several stores that were previously closed by Mr Perdis and is planning to expand the brand overseas as well. At the moment, Napoleon Perdis is looking to expand into the United States and China.

Where Is Napoleon Perdis Made?
Even though the previous owners of Napoleon Perdis live in Athens, the brand is very much Australian. The brand currently has 30 stores and over 350 stockists across Australia. Products are also made in Australia.

If you are curious about the ingredients inside your makeup and beauty products, you can find a complete overview of ingredients for each product on the ingredients tab. Simply click on the product you are interested in and click on the “ingredients” tab underneath the product picture.

Ingredients can be particularly important, especially for those who suffer from certain allergies or sensitivities. At Hairhouse, we pay close attention to the ingredients inside makeup and beauty products, ensuring our customers are not only stylish but also get the quality they deserve.

What Are The Best Napoleon Perdis Makeup Products?
Since Napoleon Perdis is one of the preferred brands of makeup artists, we do not have to tell you there are tons of products to choose from. Needless to say, when a Napoleon Perdis sale takes place at Hairhouse, these items are quickly picked up. Nevertheless, we picked out some favourites among our customers.

A Napoleon Perdis primer is a must-have for that flawless complexion. The Auto Pilot Calming Skin Primer is particularly interesting, as it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Not only does it reduce redness and skin impurities, but it also hydrates and protects the skin throughout the day.

Another must-have is a good Napoleon Perdis foundation stick. Evidently, the type of foundation stick you will get depends on your skin type. Fortunately, Napoleon Perdis concealer and foundation are divided into three easy categories. For example, the Stroke of Genius foundation stick with the number 1 is suitable for light to medium skin tones. In addition to fine tuning your complexion, it ensures you are properly protected against the sun by incorporating SPF 20 protection!

Of course, your look is not complete without a Napoleon Perdis lipstick! The Mattetastic range is especially recommended, as you can be sure this lipstick will last you all day. In addition to that, it also looks super classy!

While these are some of our favourite products from this brand, there are many other products waiting to be discovered by you. From Napoleon Perdis blush to the brush stick and eyeshadow!

There is a lot to choose from, so start with the essential you use a lot. If you use a foundation every single day, then you absolutely need to try the foundation stick and experience all the benefits it provides compared to a generic foundation brand. There is a reason why Napoleon Perdis is so popular. They deliver amazing results, a long-lasting look, and more importantly value for money.

Where Can You Buy Napoleon Perdis?
As mentioned previously, Napoleon Perdis is remarkably popular, but the best place to shop is at our hair and beauty store online or at your nearest Hairhouse location. Of course, you want to make sure you get the best price as well as some valuable makeup and beauty tips along the way. This is why we recommend choosing Hairhouse as your official Napoleon Perdis supplier!