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Believe the hype. Olaplex is the holy grail of hair care, designed to repair broken hair bonds, reduce hair porosity, and ensure hair colour lasts longer. A celebrity-favourite the world-over, Olaplex is the one product that can truly revolutionise the health of your hair.

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Behind the Brand


What Is Olaplex?
Olaplex hair products are known far and wide for their ability to repair hair. With products such as Olaplex shampoo and conditioner, you can repair broken bonds in your hair, getting smoother, shinier, and beautifully finished hair. An additional benefit of Olaplex treatment is that it can tackle all types of hair damage, including hair damage caused by warm styling tools such as hairdryers and flat irons. So, many people purchase Olaplex as a hair repair treatment, not solely as a hair perfector!

How To Use Olaplex?
The way you use Olaplex depends on the kind of product you actually have. For example, if you have the Olaplex bonding oil, you will use it differently from an Olaplex hair care treatment or shampoo or conditioner.

Instructions on how to use Olaplex can be found on the product itself. There are also dedicated guides on how to use the products. For example, each Olaplex product has a number with corresponding instructions. If you purchase Olaplex no 3, you have purchased their hair perfector. This product is used at least once a week on damp hair and is suitable for all types of hair.

Most Olaplex products are incredibly easy to use, so you will find that learning how to use Olaplex requires little effort overall.

Does Olaplex Work?
Olaplex is a favourite for many people in Australia. It has created some amazing results in people with moderate to severely damaged hair. There are many before and after Olaplex photographs online, which show the difference this product makes in its full glory!

To make sure you get the most of your Olaplex take home treatment kit, always follow the instructions inside your Olaplex kit. This hair treatment is extremely effective when used according to the instructions, so be sure to read before using it.

Is Olaplex Worth It?
While everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to hair treatments and products, we can confidently say that Olaplex is one of the most trusted hair product brands out there. It is perfect for those with damaged hair, but also anyone who demands hair perfection. If you demand quality from your hair care products, then an Olaplex pack or products cannot be missing from your personal collection at home.

Which Olaplex Should I Use?
Since the Olaplex brand has lots of products that could make your hair luscious and celebrity worthy, it can be difficult to find your must-haves from the start. Of course, we do have some recommendations for you!

Olaplex no 6
Those who use a lot of harsh chemicals in their hair such as bleach or perming chemicals could certainly benefit from Olaplex no 6. The no 6 is a bond smoother, which addresses all that pesky brittleness and dryness associated with the use of harsh chemicals, dyes, and styling tools.

To use Olaplex no 6, simply apply a little bit of the product on damp or dry hair. The product should only be applied to the length of your hair, from the middle to the end. Once applied, comb through the hair and style your hair as usual. By using no 6 on a regular basis, damage from chemicals and heat styling products are permanently reversed. Your hair will look much healthier, but also more polished overall.

Olaplex no 1
To fully benefit from Olaplex treatments, you cannot miss out on their number one treatment. This particular product basically has two functions. Firstly, it repairs damage that has been caused by styling and chemicals. Secondly, it continues to work by preventing further damage to your hair as you go along.

Olaplex number one is especially effective for people who tend to dye their hair a lot. As you may know already, hair dying can have a devastating effect on your hair if you do not make sure you have the proper treatments to protect and repair your hair. So, if you encounter hair bleach quite often, be sure to add Olaplex no 1 to your regular routine.

Olaplex no 7
No 7 is the well-known and possibly famous Olaplex Bonding Oil. It is the perfect styling oil for those who suffer from common hair problems including frizzy hair and stray locks. Needless to say, no 7 is a staple in the hair routine of many trendy people.

Using Olaplex no 7 is quite easy and does not take much time at all. To benefit from softer and more luscious locks in minimal time, add a few drops of Olaplex No 7 on damp or dry hair. However, this product should be applied before you style your hair.

While Olaplex no 7 is suitable for all hair types, it is especially recommended for anyone who tends to use a lot of heated styling tools. Also, consider that Olaplex no 7 has a metered dose. This means that you cannot make mistakes with the amount of product, providing you use the given instructions.

Where To Buy Olaplex?
Hairhouse has a large collection of Olaplex products. This includes the products recommended in this article, including the bonding oil, hair perfector and much more. If you are interested in obtaining Olaplex, visit us in-store, book an appointment at a Hairhouse salon, or shop online and get it delivered right at your door. Be sure to take advantage of the full range available at Hairhouse.