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Experience total hair transformation with ceramic and ionic hair dryers from Parlux. Popular products such as the Parlux 3800 Powerlight and Parlux Super Compact give you the power of professional hairdryers with less hair breakage! Shop our huge range of different designs and colours at Hairhouse.


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Why buy a Parlux hair dryer?
Classic cars such as the Lamborghini, the Maserati and the Alfa Romeo are designed by the Italians, whose creative flair also extends to the development of sleek and stylish hair dryer brand, Parlux. Synonymous with the elegance and high performance features these luxury vehicles represent, Parlux professional hair dryers are loved by expert hair stylists right around the world for good reason. Italian manufacturers boast innovative technology, precision assembly and extensive testing - just like their cars - making Parlux the rightful owner of the reputation as one of the best professional tools in the hairdressing industry.

The Parlux professional hair dryer brand offers a manufacturer's defect warranty of two years from the date of purchase. As one of the favoured tools of the trade for many hairdressers around the world, you know that a Parlux hairdryer will accrue extensive hours of use within a salon over a two year period which shows the manufacturers are prepared to stand by their quality standards and the long-lasting faultless performance Parlux delivers.

Which Parlux hairdryer should I buy?
State-of-the-art Parlux hair dryers are right up there on Hairhouse's best seller list, but with so many high performing professional hair dryers available at Hairhouse, deciding which one to buy isn't easy!
Making the Hairhouse's Top 10 list, the Parlux Advance Light is a popular choice because of its advanced, lightweight design featuring ionic and ceramic technology. The super quiet Advance Light delivers superior performance using economical energy consumption, a powerful 2200W motor and a choice of four temperature settings. Be a little different and choose from several stylish colours - fuchsia, aqua, white, ice blue and light gold - or opt for the standard black.
Also a favourite with professional hair stylists and consumers alike is the lightweight, durable Alyon, powered by at 2250W K-Advance Plus motor which offers a lifespan of up to 3000 hours. The ergonomic design and ionic technology means you can dry hair faster, with less damage. It is available in seven gorgeous colours, bronze, turquoise, green, coral, yellow, matt black and graphite.

Of course everybody's hair styling requirements are different, so Parlux hair dryers are designed to meet a range of needs. If your hair is thick, coarse and prone to frizz, a dynamic hair dryer like the Parlux 3800 Ceramic & Ionic Dryer has a light yet strong 2100 watt motor, six speed and heat settings and ceramic and ionic technology for a frizz-free finish. Added bonus: the Parlux 3800 is made from recyclable materials, is energy efficient and includes a patented silencer.

The Parlux 3500 Ceramic & Ionic Dryer 2000W is a compact and ultra-lightweight hair dryer using the latest technology for salon quality styling every time. If you're out and about with your dryer in your gym kit or overnight bag, the 3500 Ceramic & Ionic Dryer is for you. It features two nozzles and four temperature settings for that perfect salon quality style every time.

The modern 3200 range offers a little more economy for your budget as does the 1800 Eco Friendly dryer. Neither compromise on efficiency, effectiveness or sleek, ergonomic design but both are big on environmentally friendly features.

The Parlux 385 Powerlight range is ultra-light for busy on-the-goers or frequent flyers. It is available in a huge colour choice of gold, black, aqua, white, fuchsia, violet, orange, red, silver and green - you must be able to buy the Parlux 385 Powerlight in your favourite colour!

Browse the range at Hairhouse for many more choices in the fabulous Parlux collection.

Where to buy a Parlux hairdryer in Australia?
With a growing network of over 140 Hairhouse stores right around the country, it's not hard to find your nearest Hairhouse salon to see for yourself the fantastic selection of hair dryer brands.

Popular Parlux hairdryers are available in a range of designs and vibrant colours. Call in and see for yourself the comfortable ergonomic design and lightweight features of all the Parlux hair dryers.

One of the best things about buying your electrical tools from Hairhouse is that you can chat with the qualified hairdressing staff instore to gain first hand, expert insight into the pros and cons of top brand, salon quality, professional tools. The extensive product range at Hairhouse includes electrical styling tools and hair and beauty products. Treat yourself to a professional hair or beauty salon service while you are there!

Not sure where your nearest Hairhouse salon is? Click here to use the handy store locator and find a Hairhouse store near you with affordable prices, fabulous specials and a great product choice, also available when you shop online at Hairhouse's easy-to-use online store.

What are the differences among Parlux models?
The Parlux hair dryer brand features innovative ceramic and ionic technology, powerful lightweight motors and ergonomic design. The differences between models lie in the motor size, while some are made from recyclable materials, some include built-in silencers and others offer a range of temperature settings.

What accessories can I buy for my Parlux hair dryer?
If your preferred Parlux hair dryers don't have built-in silencers but it is a feature you would like to have, you can buy the Parlux Melody Silencer as an accessory to any Parlux hairdryer. The Melody Silencer is easily attached to the air intake for a significant reduction in noise. This is a very handy accessory if you're the early bird in the family! The Melody Silencer very light and easy to attach.

With the trend towards naturally tousled, wavy hair styles continuing, a professional quality diffuser is a must-have accessory to your hair dryer. A diffuser spreads and softens the diffusion of heat across a wider area and allows you to style your hair with your fingers to achieve a soft and natural look. The Parlux 3500 Diffuser is built with quality materials and attaches to the Parlux 3500 hair dryer for frizz-free styling of curly or wavy hair.

The Parlux 3800 Diffuser and the Parlux 385 Diffuser attach to the 3800 and 385 hair dryer models respectively while the Parlux Advance Diffuser provides the same benefits to all Parlux Advance Light Ceramic and Ionic hair dryers.

Buy your Parlux accessories along with your fantastic new Parlux hair dryer so that when the mood for soft, naturally wavy hair strikes you, you have the professional tools on hand to create a salon quality, beautiful hair style at home.