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Silver Bullet is an Australian owned company bringing professional quality hair straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons, hot brushes, hot rollers, trimmers and clippers to the market. Huge demand surrounds these incredible styling tools that use the latest technologies and innovative features to cater to a wide variety of hair types, lengths, and styles.


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Is Silver Bullet Australian?
Yes, Silver Bullet is an Australian owned company which has grown to become one of the most popular brands in the Australian and New Zealand haircare industry. Silver Bullet design not only their flagship product - professional quality hair straighteners - but also hair dryers, curling irons, hot brushes, hot rollers, trimmers and clippers. In a fifteen year period Silver Bullet have developed this diverse range of hair tools using the latest technologies and innovative features to cater to a wide variety of hair types, lengths and styles.

Are Silver Bullet hair tools good?
Silver Bullet continue to design professional hair tools to solve all your styling issues while protecting your hair and delivering a salon quality finish to your style. Recognising that not all hair tools were effective on all hair types, Silver Bullet designed a comprehensive range of hair tools available in ergonomic designs using various barrel sizes and surfaces such as ceramic, tourmaline and titanium, along with a host of user-friendly features for quick, smooth and effective hair styling.

If you want to curl hair that is stubborn, difficult or prone to frizz, Silver Bullet has affordable curling irons for every hair length and type designed to fight frizz and hold smooth and shiny curls all day long.

While the quality of Silver Bullet products is proudly backed by a two year manufacturer's warranty, Hairhouse clients also rate them highly, giving five star ratings to the Fastlane Ceramic Curling Irons, the Hybrid Straightening Brush, the Black Velvet Hair Dryer, the Genesis Hot Air Brush and the renowned Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Wide Straightener.

How to use Silver Bullet hair curler?
While Silver Bullet create a range of hair curlers, the EasyCurl Curling Iron available in 19mm, 25mm and 35mm barrel sizes is designed to make curling your hair super-easy for fast and fabulous results! The balanced, ergonomic design uses a 90-degree angle which is user-friendly, enabling a more relaxed arm position for less arm and shoulder strain. The fast-heating feature with a digital display is great when you're in a hurry and the ionic ceramic barrel produces super-smooth curls which are shiny and soft.

The best way to use Silver Bullet curling irons is to divide the hair into even sections, less for tighter curls and more for loose, wavy curls. Comb each section before you wind the hair around the barrel in the direction you want your curls to sit. Remember to always curl the hair closest to your face away from your face, and curl each section in a different direction if you want a natural, tousled look. Hold the hair in place around the curling iron for between 8 and 12 seconds, then unwind the hair. Don't comb or brush the curl until it is cool. When finished, lightly tousle with your fingers to create the level of curl or wave you desire and spray to set.

How to use Silver Bullet straightening brush?
Say goodbye to slow and fussy hair straightening techniques juggling radial brushes and hair dryers followed by hair straighteners. Straightening brushes are fantastic tools for easy drying and straightening in one simple step, or for touching up your hair on post-straightening days when a few kinks and waves start to appear. And let' face it, the quicker we can achieve that perfectly-salon-styled look at home the better, right?

Silver Bullet have hot straightening brushes designed to deliver a natural, smooth and frizz-free look quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss. The Hybrid Ceramic Ionic Straightening Brush straightens and smooths your hair super-fast, eliminating frizz using a ceramic plate and ionic generator with LCD digital temperature display. It features adjustable temperature control, a slender brush head to target the roots, rounded bristles to glide through the hair and a 360 degree swivelling power cord for easy handling.

The Silver Bullet straightening brush should be used on towel-dried hair that has been cleansed, conditioned and detangled with a wide tooth comb. Starting with the straightening brush set to a low temperature, take a 5cm (approximate) section of hair and brush from the roots to the tips. Increase the temperature as required until you find the ideal heat to style your individual hair type.

The Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush is another hair tool combining drying and styling in one easy-to-use tool. It is designed with two speed and heat settings powered by an efficient 1000W motor. Ideal for stress-free styling of all hair types - even fine or damaged hair, the Genesis Hot Air Brush has a tourmaline ceramic barrel for creating volume, waves or curls while simultaneously drying your hair. To cater to different hair lengths and thicknesses, the Genesis Hot Air Brush is available in three different barrel sizes 19mm, 32mm and 38mm. The smaller size is great for drying and styling short hair and fringes, or for creating tighter curls. The middle and largest sizes work well on medium to long hair with the 38mm barrel being the best size for thick, coarse or unruly long hair.

The Genesis Hot Air Brush should be used on towel dried, detangled, cleansed and conditioned hair. Commence with the high heat setting then select the lower heat as your hair dries. Wind your hair around the barrel section by section and run the brush through from roots to tips in the preferred direction.

This versatile hair tool straightens hair with lift and volume for a natural look, so if you prefer a sleek, dead-straight look use straightening irons.

What is a safe hair straightener?
Safe hair straighteners use advanced technology to straighten hair safely while reducing heat damage. The plates are titanium, ceramic and ionic while infrared heat is also used in many safe hair straighteners. Silver Bullet uses surround heat technology for longer-lasting, frizz-free and safe hair straightening.

Best-selling professional hair straighteners include the Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Hair Straightener which is ideal for salon use in the application of Keratin hair straightening treatments. Advanced technology delivers rapid and even acceleration of high heats and wide plates allow for quicker application of the Keratin treatment product to the hair in any one pass.

A top-selling Silver Bullet product, the Keratin 230 hair straightener is available with 25mm or 37mm ceramic plates, or with 25mm or 38mm titanium plates to deliver even heat to all hair types including long, thick and coarse hair.

Another popular product in the Silver Bullet range of hair tools is the Attitude Straightener. Available in black and a wicked shade of hot pink, the Attitude straightener uses gentle far-infrared technology to heat friction-free ceramic and tourmaline plates up to 225°C. Variable heat settings make this hair straightener suitable and safe for all hair types.