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Wella offers professional haircare products, hair colour ideas, and styling inspiration. Koleston Perfect, the professional hair product that sets the global standard for expertise and creativity in hair colour.

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Behind the Brand


While Germans are synonymous with precision engineering and famous for their luxury vehicles such as Porsche, their expertise is perhaps lesser known but equally dominant in the field of innovative hair care technology.

It makes sense they are good at both though - sleek, sexy cars and sleek, sexy hair!

Dating back to the 19th century, Wella hair products and hair styling equipment were created by Franz Stroher, a German hairdresser with a driving passion for advancing hairdressing techniques. In 1924 he patented the brand name 'Wella' which means 'wave' in German.

Thanks to that typical German pursuit of perfection, over 130 years later we are still able to enjoy the innovative Wella Professional range of hair products to colour, care for and style our hair.

Where to buy Wella hair products?
At Hairhouse Warehouse you can find literally dozens of Wella Professional hair care products. Finding the right hair products for your type of hair is essential to good hair health, and using Wella makes that easy. The products are coded and classified within specific collections, making it simple to find the best range for your hair type.

Coloured hair can be cared for by a number of Wella collections, including the SP Colour Save range suitable for daily use on coloured hair. The SP Colour Save products are designed to safely cleanse and moisturise while protecting your colour.

At Hairhouse Warehouse you will also find Wella Professional hair care collections specially designed to repair, volumize, restore and hydrate all hair types. Whatever is going on with your hair, you can find a Wella Professionals collection to cleanse, condition, treat and style it from Hairhouse Warehouse.

Not sure where your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse salon is? Enter your suburb or postcode into the handy store locator to find the closest salon to you. If that's not convenient, you can purchase all your favourite Wella Professional hair care products online, and receive an extra 10% discount on the cost of your first purchase, with free shipping on orders over $50.

Is there a Wella shampoo to suit my hair?
You bet! At Hairhouse Warehouse we have Wella Professional shampoos to hydrate, repair, add shine, smooth, volumize and add keratin while safely and gently cleansing your hair without stripping natural oils.

Does Wella make a conditioner which will repair my damaged hair?
We put our hair through a lot in our quest to have perfect-looking locks. Colouring processes, bleaching, heated styling - even tying our hair up can all damage the structure of our hair, causing it to weaken and break. Don't think you're alone if you have damaged hair!

Choosing a Wella conditioner to repair, strengthen and restore your hair is important if you want to prevent further damage. If your damage is caused by colouring, the Wella Brilliance Conditioner, Wella Brilliance Color Repair Rich and the Wella Brilliance Leave-In Balm will all help to retain your colour while deeply conditioning your hair.

If your ends are split and damaged, the Wella SP Perfect Ends treatment will heal and seal those pesky split ends.

Whatever your hair problem, Wella conditioners can help. There are also conditioners formulated to protect coloured hair so that your colour retains its intensity and brightness for longer.

There are Wella conditioners to add hydration to normal and dry hair and one especially suited to curly hair which will defy frizz while adding suppleness and smoothness to coarse, unruly curls.

If you need to boost your conditioning product, consider the Wella Professionals Enrich collection specially formulated for treating dry, damaged hair. Enrich products will gently repair and protect dry hair while smoothing, styling and taming unruly locks.

Does Wella have a range containing essential oils?
The Wella Oil Reflexions range is formulated using camellia oil and white tea extract to add moisture and shine. Camellia oil is lightweight to add smoothness and gloss without weighing your hair down. Choose the 'light' option for fine to normal hair.

For truly luxurious and enriching hair products try the SP Luxe Oil keratin range, infused with argan, almond and jojoba essential oils. The Luxe Oil shampoo offers luxurious, gentle cleansing using keratin and panthenol while the Luxe Oil keratin conditioning cream nourishes for smooth, silky hair. The reconstructive elixir oil provides the finish you need for long-lasting protection, shine and locked-in hydration. Purchase the Wella System Professional Luxe Oil Trio Pack online or instore from Hairhouse Warehouse or purchase individually.

For a nourishing, reconstructing hair treatment try the Wella SP Keratin Restore Mask, also part of the SP Luxe Oil range. A twice weekly application of this intensive mask will treat dry and damaged hair, infusing it with fibre-strengthening keratin and hydrating essential oils.

Does Wella have hair care for men?
While hair care products don't need to target gender, hair styling products usually do. Wella offers the SP Men Everyday Hold, a strong hold gel. Applied to dry hair it gives a flexible hold and is suitable for normal to thick hair.

Guys with fine or thin hair will love the SP Men Textured Style, a matte finish styling paste providing shape and light hold.

Are there Wella hair products for aging hair?
Aging hair can be difficult to manage. Wiry greys seem to have a mind of their own and hair becomes drier and lacks lustre as we reach our mature years.

The Wella Professional Age range specifically targets mature hair. Choose from the Age Resist Strength Shampoo for vulnerable hair inclined to damage easily or the Age Ensure Shampoo, a reviving shampoo for coarse, mature hair.

A twice weekly treatment with the Age Ensure Mask will revive mature, coarse hair with nourishing shea butter to smooth and moisturise dry hair leaving it silky smooth with a youthful bounce.