6 Hair Care Gift Packs To Suit Any Friend


A great hair day makes the perfect gift. These Christmas hair care gift packs make the perfect present for that person who really needs a little love, from shower to styling. Ensure their year ahead is full of great hair days with these favourite Hairhouse Hair Care Sets.

For Hair That Needs A Little Christmas Sparkle

If you think you’re out of puff after a long year, imagine your hair! With endless environmental aggressors thrown at hair daily, it is understandable it can be in need of a little sparkle come Christmas. This Schwarzkopf Gift Pack does just that, containing Schwarzkopf Repair Shampoo and Conditioner plus BC Peptide Rescue Sealed Ends to hydrate, seal and smooth lengths and ends. The pack is rounded out with Osis Sparkler, which detangles and conditions hair, adding shine and sparkle as it goes.

For Dry, Distressed Hair

She may be a mum on the run or a girlfriend with too much on her professional plate to really give her heat-styled hair the salvation it deserves. That’s where Davroe Moisture Senses Quad Pack comes into it. This great gift idea contains Shampoo, Conditioner, Luxe Leave In Masque & Thermaprotect Spray allowing your loved one to bring the brilliance and bounce back to hair!

For Hair That Is (Almost) Beyond Repair

For hair that has seen better days, KMS Moist Repair Duo Pack has care cranked to 10! Containing Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, this is the ideal hair care gift for those outdoorsy gals and guys who are sporting some wear and tear on their hair. This nifty duo replenishes moisture, repairs damage and reduces further damage in the hair whilst working toward fortifying the hair’s natural protective coating.

For Hair That Needs A Good, Deep Clean

Coloured and heat styled hair needs extra special attention. This delivers just that. The Vibrant Sexy Hair Duo Pack Christmas gift proves the essential pick-me-up for coloured hair. Containing Vibrant Shampoo and Conditioner, it works hard to gently cleanse coloured hair while ensuring it is not weighed down and volume is not lost. Weightless, revived hair with each wash. Now that’s happy Christmas right there!

For Hair That Needs A Little Strengthening

Who wouldn’t love a professional shampoo to use in their own shower? The SP Luxe Oil Duo Pack contains Luxe Oil Shampoo and Conditioner – that the experts use in-salon – to cleanse the hair of impurities while distributing keratin and panthenol into the hair. This anchors water and fortifies the strength of the hair with each use. Strong hair, stronger gift game with this great gift idea!

For The Blonde Who Wants To Have More Fun!

We’re calling it. The greatest gift you can give a girl is more fun, right? The Juuce Silver Blonde Trio Pack does just that. The Silver Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and 1 Minute Treatment intensely revives blonde with micro blue violet colour pigments, proven to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to reduce gold and yellow tones dramatically. And just like that, less work on her hair, more play for your pretty blonde friend with this great gift for Christmas.

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