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Hair Brushes & Combs

Do you have long hair? Thick hair? Prefer blow drying with a hair dryer and hair brush? Then you need more than one! A paddle brush is for long, straight hair. Detangling brushes are for curly, wavy hair. Vented brushes are for shortening the drying time, while hair brushes with nylon bristles or boar bristles are personal preference.


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Brushing Up On Hair Brush Do’s And Don’ts
You might be surprised to know that past generations used to use hair brushes for actually brushing their hair! Hair brushes today are designed to be used as much for styling as they are for grooming, but with so many choices how do we know which brush does what?

Which hair brush should I use?
Your choice of hair brush depends on your hair type and what you are trying to achieve. At Hairhouse Warehouse you will find paddle, round, natural bristle and nylon brushes with various barrels made from different materials in a range of shapes and sizes.

A paddle brush is flat, wide and designed for long, straight hair. A paddle hair brush isn’t always the best option for detangling wet hair – a wide-tooth comb is recommended - but it will add smoothness and can be used for both brushing and drying long, straight hair to create a sleek finish. The Curious Grace Porcupine Paddle Brush has dual bristles and a wide design to create a flawless finish on long or thick hair.

A round hair brush is used for blow drying and can be large or small and have different bristles and barrels.

Use a small round hair brush such as the MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Brush Round 25mm on shorter hair to create small waves or curls or to straighten. Made with ceramic and ionic properties for even heat distribution, a small, round ceramic brush will provide quick drying time and leave your short hair soft and shiny. Try a large round hair brush like the Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Round Tool Large to create body when blow drying long hair into a straight or wavy style.

Natural bristles such as wild boar hair brushes are best for distributing oil evenly along the hair shaft and producing a smooth, shiny blow dry. Boar bristles are gentle on the hair so are ideal for people with straight, fine or damaged hair. They also help to minimize frizz in wavy or curly hair.

Synthetic bristles are typically made from nylon and are good for very thick or coarse hair because they slide through and help to detangle the hair. Synthetic bristle brushes also speed up drying times.

What is the best hair brush?
We are fans of quality brands such as Curious Grace because they have a diverse range which means you can find the best hair brush for your hair type and styling or grooming needs.

GHD, Morocconoil, Tangle Teezer and Silver Bullet also have some fabulous brushes to create beautiful blow-dried styles and effectively untangle your hair while helping to distribute oil from the scalp to the tips.

Where should I buy a hair brush?
At Hairhouse Warehouse we’ve got all the different bristles, barrel sizes and types of hair brush to meet your needs. We’ve also got expert staff on hand to help you choose the right brush, be it a paddle brush, a detangler or a round hair brush for blow drying.

How to blow out hair with a round brush
A round hair brush can be used on short or long hair for blow drying your hair into a sleek, straight style or for creating body, bounce, waves or curls.

Towel dry and blow out the excess water then comb out the tangles and section the hair, starting with the underneath layer at the back. Section by section, working your way up, roll the round brush from the roots to the tips with the blow dryer directing the airflow along the hair shaft towards the tips. Use the cool shot setting on your hairdryer to ‘set’ each section of hair.

How to use a round brush without tangling hair
Use a wide tooth comb to comb out wet hair first, then roll the round hair brush gently through the hair from root to tip. Nylon bristles will work best on hair that is prone to tangling such as thick, coarse hair. Tangle Teezer have a great choice of detangling brushes to keep those snags away and round, vented brushes for styling. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray before drying your hair with a round hair brush.

Speak to the helpful staff at Hairhouse Warehouse for more expert tips on hair brush do’s and don’ts.