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Hair Combs

Hairhouse have wide tooth hair combs for curly hair, the best hair combs for thick hair and hair combs for fine hair too! Whatever your hair type, we have a hair comb for you. Special razor combs are handy for close shaves so guys, we have hair care combs for you too!

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evoRoy Detangling Comb
Mason PearsonTail Comb
Mason PearsonComb Dress 20cm
NedThe Comb
evoTruman Tail Comb
Kevin MurphyCutting Comb
Kevin MurphyTail Comb
Uppercut DeluxeCT7 Flip Comb
Hi LiftShower Comb - Assorted Colours

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Hi LiftPlastic Tail Comb
Hi LiftMetal Tail Comb
Hi LiftLarge Cutting Comb
Hi LiftCutting Comb
Hi LiftAfro Comb