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A quick and easy way to create smooth, straight and shiny hair is with a hot air brush. Hairhouse have heated brush stylers for all hair types including curly and wavy hair. Using ionic technology, heated brushes for hair include rotating hot air brushes and flat paddle hair straightening brushes.

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All About Heated Brushes

What is a hot air brush?
At Hairhouse you'l find a range of hot air brushes, which may also be referred to as heated brushes, hot brushes and straightening brushes. A hot air brush may be a paddle brush design, or have a round barrel in different sizes or as separate brush attachments. Some hot air brushes even rotate for added styling benefits and ease of use.

What is the best hot air brush?
The best heated brush depends on how you want to style your hair and your hair type. For example, if you have extremely thick, curly hair but your friend has fine, straighter hair, you may have a different opinion as to which hot air styler is the best.

At Hairhouse, we have hot air brushes designed by many top brands. The ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush in a paddle brush design has some exciting features which provide effortless styling to dry hair in no time at all. It uses ceramic technology and an ioniser to smooth the hair and tame flyaways and reduce frizz with just a few strokes.

The ghd professional brush heats to an optimum 185 degrees Celsius which is ideal for a quick tidy up on days following your blow dry. Even heat distribution and dual-length bristles provide added styling benefits while the heat-up light indicator along with the two year warranty are a bonus.

Hairhouse reviewers report that the ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush glides easily through the hair, that it is very quick and provides great results.

Silver Bullet make both a paddle-brush style of a straightening brush similar to the ghd, and a round barrel hot air brush for drying while you style. The 19mm Genesis Hot Air Brush features tourmaline-ceramic technology with two speed settings and two heat settings and a robust 1000W motor.

The Silver Bullet Mini Hybrid Straightening Brush and the Silver Bullet Hybrid Luxe have round-tipped bristles in a paddle brush format for greater ease when gliding through the hair. These professional quality hot hair stylers provide effortless straightening with even heat distribution generated by ionic ceramic technology. The adjustable temperature means you can choose the best heat setting for your type of hair, between 160 and 210 degrees Celsius with an LCD temperature display. Dual voltage allows for worldwide usage and these brushes also come with a fantastic two-year warranty.

There are two different sizes of Babyliss Pro hot air brushes with round barrels sold at Hairhouse. The 'Classic' is a 19mm tourmaline ceramic hot air brush which adds some volume while drying your hair. You can reduce frizz and create curls while you dry with this brush perfect for mid length to shorter styles or distinct curls or waves. The 'Elegant' is the 32mm version with the same features but better suited to use on longer hair for creating larger curls or bigger, bouncier waves.

With great choices such as these it is easy to find the best hot air brush to suit your hair.

What is a hot brush used for?
A hot brush is a hair styling tool which can be used to create different styles or simply to smooth the hair between washes. Some hot brushes are used for straightening, smoothing and de-frizzing dry hair. A super quick hair styling method is to roughly remove all moisture with your hair dryer and then brush it into a straight, smooth finish with your hot brush.

Other hot brushes can replace your curling irons except that they also dry the hair as you style, using a round barrel hot brush to create lift from the roots and add body and volume to the hair as you dry it.

A round-barrel rotating hot air brush heats to the optimum temperature and allows you to dry your hair while using the rotating barrel to brush through the hair, detangling without snagging, drying and styling all in one.

Some hot air brushes have different sized brush attachments for a variety of styles. If you're considering using a hot air brush for your hair styling and need some advice, chat to the helpful staff at your local Hairhouse salon.

Whichever hot air styler is the best for your needs, once you master your hot brush it is a quick and easy way to straighten or dry and style your hair.

How to use a hot air brush to straighten hair?
You can think of your paddle-brush type of hot air brush as an easy-to-use quick hair straightener for dry hair.

After washing and roughly drying your hair with your hair dryer and fingers, you would start underneath and take individual hair sections to run the hot air brush through the hair, creating a smooth and sleek finish. The straightening brush eliminates the need for controlled drying with your hair dryer and a styling brush. It is a quicker method because you can do a rough blow dry to remove any moisture then simply run the paddle brush hot air styler through to achieve the same effect as you would combining the hair dryer and a styling brush in much less time.

Even thick and unruly hair can become smooth and sleek using the bristle brush to reduce frizz and flyaways.

For a quicker finish you can just as easily run the straightening paddle brush through the hair without creating hair sections, which will provide a flatter, sleeker look.

Are hot air brushes any good?
Hot air brushes are a fantastic way to manage your hair. With ceramic technology, temperature control and even heat distribution you can safely style your hair without straighteners and curling irons and in a fraction of the time you would have spent.

Some hot air stylers allow you to style as you dry, and others provide a smooth finish to your straight hair after a rough blow dry. Between washes you can use your hot air brush for a quick tidy and to remove the un-cooperative kinks, curls and frizzy flyaways that creep in on days after washing.

Are hot air brushes for wet hair?
Some hot air brushes are designed for wet hair, others for dry hair. Regardless, you should always use a Heat Protectant Spray when using heated styling tools.

Some hot air brushes can be used in the same way you would use your hair straightener or curling irons after washing and blow drying your hair. Others operate like your hair dryer and straightening iron or curling iron all in one, allowing you to quickly dry your hair and style it into smooth and straight or smooth and curly/wavy as you like.