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Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are the ideal hair curler for all hair types. Heated rollers are perfect for creating loose curls, big waves or ringlet curls - just set and forget until you're ready to remove. Hot roller sets are available at Hairhouse with sets of 20 rollers for defining curls or waves in short and long hair.

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All About Hot Rollers

Styling With Hot Rollers
While a head full of rollers may take you back to Grandma's day, today's hot rollers are actually a quick and easy way to get body and bounce as well as a full head of seriously sexy curls. Some say heated hair rollers are easier to use than a curling wand. A definite advantage is that once they are in they are styling your hair while you do other things, so if you're time-poor you'll love heated hair rollers!

How to use hot rollers
Part your dry hair into three or more secured sections. Starting with the top middle section, lightly spray it with heat protection spray before curling your hair away from your face onto the roller and secure it with a pin. Work through your hair ensuring you spray each section with heat protection spray and roll the hair away from your face. When all your hair is secured onto hot rollers, wait between 10 and 20 minutes until the rollers have completely cooled. This is a great time to put on your makeup, get dressed or tackle that pile of dirty dishes!

When your rollers are cold remove them. Tousle and style your hair with your fingers and spray with hairspray. Viola! You have sexy, bouncy, wavy curls!

Where to buy hot rollers
Hairhouse Warehouse have the ultimate in professional heated hair rollers from Babyliss Pro - the lightweight, easy to handle, EXTROVERT 30 Piece Multi-Size Hot Roller Set. It has four different barrel sizes made from ionic tourmaline-ceramic to protect your hair while safely creating shiny, frizz-free curls. The variety of roller sizes from small through to jumbo means they are suitable for short and long hair and can create texture, loose waves and definite curls.

At Hairhouse Warehouse you will also find the Silver Bullet Mini Pod Heater and the Silver Bullet Super Pod Heater to quickly and easily heat your rollers and clips. Using an innovative, energy-efficient induction heating system, your heated rollers are easy to handle using cool-to-touch technology.

How to use hot rollers for volume on short hair
Heated hair roller sets like the Babyliss Pro Extrovert have a variety of barrel sizes suitable for different lengths of hair. Using the largest barrel size, jumbo, allows you to roll long hair around it to achieve the biggest curl or wave. The smallest barrel size is suitable for short hair, or for tighter curls on mid-length hair. To create body and slight waves in shorter hair use the largest size which allows you to roll and secure the hair.

Can you use hot rollers on wet hair?
Hot rollers are designed for use on dry hair and should not be used on wet hair.

When your hair is completely dry spray it with a heat protectant styling spray before applying your heated hair rollers. If you want to style wet hair with rollers to create body, waves or curls, you should use non-heated rollers.

How long to leave hot rollers in
Your heated hair rollers should be left in between ten and twenty minutes approximately, or until they have cooled completely. Many hot roller sets come with a light indicator so you can see when they are heated and ready to use, and once they have cooled down. To avoid damaging your hair you should always follow the instructions that come with your heated hair roller set.