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Travel Minis

When travelling we still need shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products, hair gel or hair spray. Travel size hair products meet airline requirements for carry-on baggage and are small, light and convenient. The range of Hairhouse travel size hair products include hair treatments and dry shampoos to keep your hair feeling soft and fresh.

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KérastaseNutritive 8HR Magic Night Sérum

Available via Click & Collect or DoorDash in selected stores only

MoroccanoilLight Treatment 100ml

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

System ProfessionalSP Luxeoil Reconstructive Elixir 100mL

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

NioxinHair Booster 50mL

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

BaByliss PROArgan Oil Treatment 59mL

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

KérastaseInitialiste 60ml
AromasOil Spray - 100ml

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

AromasOil with Pump - 100ml
DavroeArgan Oil Instant Treatment

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

Instant RockstarHard Rock 100ml

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American CrewGrooming Cream 85g

Available Instore, Click & Collect and DoorDash only

NioxinDiaboost 100mL

All About Travel Minis

What are the best travel hair products?
Davroe is one of the best travel shampoo and conditioner brands available at Hairhouse. It is sulphate free and paraben free which means that it is good for your hair, whether the water is from a rain water tank or it is the slightly fluoridated water that comes from Australian taps. Sometimes, in other countries, our hair can react to the water, so it’s comforting to know that we are not using harsh chemicals. The Davroe range has travel size products for every type of hair; straight, curly, frizzy, wavy or colour treated locks will love this product.

For men, we have a V76 Live Freely, Love Boldly travel kit which includes shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, lip balm and hair clay for styling. Another option is the Uppercut deluxe Field kit, a collection with shampoo, body wash, a matte pomade for styling and even a comb! Redken also has the Brew kit; including shampoo and conditioner, hair gel, hair spray and a finishing cream.

For women, there are a whole range of options from Nak, L'oreal Paris, and MoroccanOil. Simply find the one that suits you best, then pack and go. Some of our travel gift sets also include bar soaps, body wash, body lotion and other hair styling products.

What size is travel size shampoo and conditioner?
Travel shampoo and conditioner has to be 100ml or less for you to be able to take it on a plane in your hand luggage. Mini shampoo and conditioner sets are great to keep in your travel toiletries bag or with your travel kit so you can be ready to jump on a flight at any moment.

At Hairhouse there are dozens of travel sized products which range from 30ml, 50ml, 75ml or 100ml. Nak has shampoo and conditioner available in 100ml bottles with a 50ml leave in moisturiser, L'Oreal Paris has the Absolut repair Lipidium Pack with a 100ml shampoo, a 75ml repair conditioning masque and a 30ml Argan oil to nourish your hair when you're on the road.

How long does travel shampoo and conditioner last?
Hair shampoo and conditioner is often used at different rates. Some people wash their hair twice before conditioning so they need to be mindful, when travelling, that they should bring along two of the travel shampoos for every conditioner that they will use. For those with dry hair, it may be the other way around. If you're concerned about how long your shampoo and conditioner will last, try using our travel kit sized products at home before you go.

Where to buy travel size hair products?
Hairhouse has travel shampoo and conditioner sets for every type of hair. Whether your hair is dry, normal, oily, straight, fluffy, frizzy, wavy or chemically treated there is a travel sized product at Hairhouse for you to pack in your luggage for your next holiday.

You can purchase these online by searching the Hairhouse site and choosing the product that suits you and your hair. Don't forget that if you are going to a humid climate, from a dry one, or vice versa, you will need to adjust your hair styling products accordingly. If your hair is frizzy or curly hair you will need styling products with a stronger hold in the more humid regions of the world.

If you normally using a relatively light product to tame your curls, like a Davroe Curl Creme Definer, think about upgrading to the Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Thermique for extra hold. If your hair is thin, and you are travelling somewhere humid, a volumising spray would be helpful.

If you'e not sure what will be best for your hair, go in and see one of the professionals in our Hairhouse stores. They can look at your hair, assess the conditions in your destination, and help you select the perfect products to keep you looking and feeling good on your holiday.