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Hairhouse have a range of hair care products to keep hair in tip-top shape. After using shampoo and conditioner, styling products suited to your hair type help create strong, healthy hair. Hair toner for blonde hair reduces brassy tones while hair care products for dry, damaged and coloured hair improve hair health.

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All About Hair Care

What hair care products should I use?

If you are regularly dying your hair and using a range of toners, it is really important that you moisturise your hair regularly using a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. At Hairhouse, you'll find dozens of hair care treatment options to choose from. Try the Harper and Arlo Repair Treatment, or a Pure Miracle Renew Mask.

What does hair toner do?
A hair toner is an important part of the hair colouring process. It is a semi-permanent colouring product that helps to add depth and shine to your colour. Used mainly for blonde hair colouring, toner usually fades within six or eight weeks. The more you wash it, the more frequently you will need to refresh your colour with toner.

One thing to note is that you can also use hair dye or purple shampoo to tone your hair. Speak with your hairdresser during one of your salon visits or ask a staff member at one of our Hairhouse stores to find out exactly which hair toning products will be right for you.

How to apply toner to hair?
Once you have completed the initial blonde bleaching process, towel dry your hair, and then apply the toner. Massage the toning product into all the parts of your hair, from the roots to the tips, to ensure that you have full coverage. Make sure that you rinse all of the product from your hair carefully when the time limit is reached and you have achieved the desired tone.

If your hair starts to look brassy or yellow again, you can refresh by repeating the toning process. Seek advice on specific products from one of our friendly staff at a Hairhouse store near you.

How long to leave toner on hair?
Usually, a toner is on your hair for about 30 minutes but everyone's hair is different. Leaving a toner on for too long can drastically affect your hair colour so make sure that you read the instructions on your product packaging and follow them. It's a good idea to do a swatch test on a tiny patch of your hair so you can see how the colour develops.

What is the best toner for blonde hair?
It's so important to choose the right product when you want to tone your hair. Nobody needs orange or yellow tones messing up their look. Whether your hair is ash blonde or true blonde, orange, yellow or brassy tones can make a huge difference to the end result. Sometimes using purple shampoos will give you the desired effect. 18 in 1 Intense Violet Shampoo or Juuce Love Silver Violet are good ones to test out. Trial and error is a part of getting the exact hair colour that you desire. Other options are the Fanola No Orange Shampoo, the Dare to Pearl Toner or something from the De Lorenzo range.

Where can I get toner for my hair?
You can purchase your hair toner through our website or in one of our Hairhouse stores. Experienced staff will help you choose the tone that is exactly right for you and your hair.

Don't forget that it is equally important to purchase shampoo and conditioner so that you are even supporting your hair colour when you are washing your hair. This is especially important if you are colouring your hair at home and helps to keep your locks healthy and vibrant. Hairhouse has a full range of shampoos and conditioners for coloured and bleached hair.

Be careful if you have virgin hair that has never been dyed or chemically processed. Get professional advice to ensure that you are using quality products that suit your hair type.