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Activating Hair Growth
When talking about hair growth, we can relate to a garden analogy. Most of our garden fertilisers work on the plant's roots to stimulate new growth, but sometimes we use a liquid fertiliser which provides benefits via the plant's foliage. Hair products designed to stimulate hair growth work in a similar way, with many products nourishing the scalp and others working on the hair strands themselves. Your thinning hair may be caused by genetics for which you can thank Mum and Dad - or it could be thinning due to damage caused by chemical processing or heated styling. Perhaps you just wish your naturally fine, wispy hair was thicker or you are desperately trying to grow it longer. Regardless of the reason, there are hair growth products at Hairhouse Warehouse to help your hair to look as good as your flourishing garden!

Which shampoo is good for hair growth
For a more plentiful head of hair which is thicker and stronger, start with a visit to Hairhouse Warehouse where you will find a range of shampoos specifically designed to facilitate hair growth.

Leading brands such as Redken, Nanogen, Nioxin, Paul Mitchell, and Nak improve thinning hair in a number of ways. Some shampoos are designed to rejuvenate the scalp and are tailored for natural or colour treated hair in various stages of thinning, while others utilise keratin to bolster hair fibres and make thin hair appear thicker. Some shampoos gently provide a deep cleanse and others provide intense nutrition from powerful plant extracts such as Kakadu Plum.

Where to buy hair growth shampoo
At Hairhouse Warehouse you can find a choice of hair growth shampoos along with treatments, conditioners, tonics and serums all scientifically formulated to stimulate hair growth. It's a bit like nurturing a sick plant - give it a drink as well as a feed and perhaps a light prune while also protecting it from harsh elements until it recovers. After some time, it will reward you for your efforts!

If you need help working out which is the perfect hair growth shampoo for your hair type, visit your local Hairhouse Warehouse salon, the location of which you can find by clicking here.

How to increase hair growth
A healthy diet rich in proteins, fatty acids and B vitamins can provide the nutrients needed to facilitate hair growth while using hair care products specifically formulated to stimulate hair growth is ideal. You can help to increase hair growth by reducing mechanical and chemical damage to your hair which causes breakage and thinning. Bleaching your hair strips the hair shaft, making it vulnerable to dryness and breakage. Brushing your hair, frequent shampooing, heated styling and exposing your hair to damaging UV rays, chlorine and salt water in summer can also cause damage which restricts hair growth. Just like your garden, if you want your hair to grow you have to nurture it!

How hair growth shampoo works
Some hair growth shampoos work by stimulating the scalp and the hair follicles and providing the nutrients and nourishment needed for healthy growth. Others infuse the hair with moisture and fortifying ingredients to protect and strengthen the hair, thereby reducing breakage.Some hair growth products such as the BosDefense system creates thickness and volume and helps to minimise the hormonal causes of hair thinning.

How to promote healthy hair growth
Practical ways to promote healthy hair growth include getting regular trims, protecting your hair from damage and providing extra nourishment and hydration. How should you do this?

1. Prevent split ends from getting worse with regular trims at your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse hair salon.
2. Protect your hair from damage caused by styling tools with heat protectant sprays and leave-in treatments, minimise exposure to UV rays, salt and chlorine, be gentle with your hair when it's wet, and use hair ties which don't cause breakage.
3. Use regular treatments to improve your hair's condition and moisture levels. Indulge yourself in a little me-time luxury once a week by coupling your face mask, mani or pedi with an intensive hair mask.

With a little extra care, your hair could be thriving just as healthily as your garden!