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Hairhouse hairsprays finish every style. Try water soluble light hair sprays or strong hair setting sprays like Moroccan Oil, good for blondes. Whether you want to set a sleek bun, beachy hair or curvaceous curls, there is a hairspray to suit. Adding shine, controlling flyaways, volumizing or protecting hair from humidity, hairspray does it all.

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All About Hairspray

Hairspray, The Finishing Touch To Every Hairdo
Since the late 1940's hairspray has been helping women to appear quite literally 'without a hair out of place' no matter what their day entails. During the 1960's hairspray had one job - to cement the biggest beehive hairdos firmly in place. But today's hairstyles - and hairsprays - are much more varied, so how do we use hairspray to enhance our crowning glories in this millenium?

How to apply hair spray?
The way you apply hairspray is as important as which hairspray you use. If you get it wrong, your messy bun, beachy hair or blunt bob could stick out for all the wrong reasons.

If you simply want to control flyaway hairs, dry your hair then spray your fingertips with a firm hold hairspray and smooth the disobedient hairs into place - yes, it's that easy.

If your aim is to give your hairstyle a natural-looking hold, shake the can well then loosely spray your whole head from a 30 centimetre distance with a lightweight spray such as the Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light - one of many hairsprays available from the Hairhouse Warehouse.

If you want to boost fine or limp hair with body, tip your head upside down, then flick it back and spray the roots lightly beneath strands as you lift them with your fingertips. Try a volumizing matte finish hairspray like Fudge Think Big Texture Spray.

Fabulous curls shouldn't be sprayed en masse as this can cause them to clump and stick together. For fresh, bouncy curls lightly waft the spray onto your hair section by section, lifting and separating the curls as you spray.

How to use hair spray to keep hair straight?
Keeping coarse, curly hair straight can be challenging, especially in humid conditions. After straightening with your brush and hairdryer or straightening iron, try spraying with the KMS California Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal to keep your straight hair sleek and smooth no matter what the conditions.

Avoid heavy-handed application of strong-hold matte hairsprays which can create a stiff, hard coat on straightened hair but Hairhouse Warehouse products such as the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray can work. Available in a medium or strong hold, it is a lightweight spray specially formulated for flexibility and movement, providing shine while fighting frizz and protecting against humidity, so your hair remains straight, but not stiff.

Are hair sprays good for hair?
Contrary to the belief that matte hairsprays can dry your hair, many hairsprays now target dry hair, infusing it with moisture from essential oils and protecting it from heat damage caused by styling tools.

You can actually help your hair by using hair sprays like the Fudge Liquid Erekt, a heat-activated thermal protection spray providing a flexible hold while replenishing the hair with essential oils to enhance strength, condition and shine.

What does salt water spray do for your hair?
We usually think of hairsprays as products which provide a matte hold to our hairstyles in a structured way, but salt water sprays actually help to hold loose, tousled hairdos, as well as casual waves and curls.

Products like the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray add natural movement, enhancing and defining curls and waves with a windswept, beachy look. As with other hair sprays, you should always shake the can and lightly spray the product evenly onto damp hair from a distance. Tousle with your fingers and leave to dry.

How to use heat protection spray on dry hair?
Often containing vitamins, antioxidants or essential oils, heat protection sprays like Goldwell's Style Sign Structure Me Structurizing Spray should be spritzed onto dry hair before heat styling to prevent damage such as breakage and split ends. Heat protection sprays boost your hair with texture, gloss and a natural sheen.

So there you have the lowdown on just a few of Hairhouse Warehouse's multi-faceted hairsprays - the finishing touch for every hairstyle.