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It's important to use hair products to protect hair from heat damage when you style your hair. Heat protectors and leave in conditioners contain ingredients like shea butter or argan oil, to protect against damage caused by blow dryers, curling wands and irons. They seal in moisture, nourish and strengthen hair too!

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All About Heat Protectant

Beat The Heat With Hair Protectant
Ever wondered why cavemen had such horrendous hair? No, it wasn't because they used too much texturizing spray and failed to leave their conditioning hair masques on long enough, it was because they loved fire too much! Sitting around inside their cave waaaaay too close to the fire dried their hair out something terrible!

But seriously, our hair does need protecting from the damaging effects of too much heat. Luckily there are products designed to do exactly that.

Does hair heat protectant work?
These multi-tasking hair products not only work, they provide multiple benefits! Heat protectants shield your hair from heat damage in the same way sunblock works on your skin, by forming a barrier between your hair and your heated styling tool. They seal and smooth the cuticle and prevent heat from damaging the hair's structure.

But that's not all. Heat protection sprays and creams also seal in moisture and keep frizz at bay. Many hair protectants contain silicone as a protective coating but also nurturing antioxidants, natural oils and botanic extracts to nourish and strengthen the hair while protecting it from heat damage. You will often find a heat protectant also described as a styling agent and a leave-in conditioner, because they contain ingredients with multiple benefits!

How to protect hair from heat
As the saying goes - or doesn't go in this case - if you (or your hair) can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - or at least stop cooking it!

Scrunch leave-in conditioning plus styling creams through damp hair and leave it to dry au-naturel or tie it up in a loose, undone bun. Slick your wet hair back in a smooth ponytail or braid it -  do whatever you can to avoid using those heated styling tools too often.

When you do use curling wands or straightening irons ensure you use good quality ceramic styling tools with adjustable temperature settings and use the lowest setting possible to style your hair.

Always use heat protection spray before styling! Designed to smooth, nourish, seal and protect the hair, heat protection sprays are like life jackets for your hair, preventing disasters and keeping your hair safe in treacherous conditions!

Where can I buy heat protectant for hair?
At Hairhouse Warehouse we have a huge selection of heat protectant products at affordable prices. Davroe Thermaprotect will shield your hair from heat damage for as little as $9.95. Choose from a big range of thermal sprays, creams and serums from all the big names in salon quality haircare.

Try simple heat shield sprays right through to products such as the Wella Enrich Nourishing Spray which will repair and strengthen damaged hair while protecting it from heat damage.

Fudge Liquid Erekt is a heat-activated, fruit-scented, liquid thermal protection spray. It replenishes moisture and promotes softness and shine using water soluble silicones and polymer resins to provide protection and flexible hold.

Choose from the wide variety of products available to find one that best suits your needs.

How to use heat protection spray on dry hair
Most heat protectant sprays are designed for use on damp or dry hair, so they are ideal for use on towel dried hair before blow drying, or before using your heated styling tools on dry hair.

Always read the directions first, as some heat protectants like the Fudge Hot Hed Style Whip is formulated for use on DAMP hair. It has a rich creamy texture which fights frizz, provides body and volume, and controls fine, flyaway hair while protecting against heat damage. It should be applied like a mousse to your hands first, then worked through from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press is designed to be sprayed generously onto DRY hair before heated styling and can be reapplied to provide hold to the finished hairstyle. Specially formulated ingredients will strengthen hair, fight frizz and provide flexible hold.

Many other heat protection sprays like MAKE Protected Spray can be applied by spritzing directly onto BOTH dry and damp hair, so they are ideal to use before blow drying or heat styling.

What is the best heat protectant for hair straightening?
It's really a matter of finding the best heat protectant for straightening your particular hair type.

For smooth, straight hair try JUUCE Heat Shield which transforms coarse, unruly locks into silky straight hair. Its oil base will protect from heat styling, UV damage and humidity.

GHD Straight & Tame Cream is a straightening cream which can be applied to damp or dry hair. It will smooth and protect thick, frizzy hair prior to blow drying and can be applied during the day for touch-ups

With such a large range of heat protectant products available from Hairhouse Warehouse, it is easy to find the right product to beat the heat and save your hair!