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Hair texturisers are styling products which add natural texture to all hair types. Use a finishing spray to create beachy waves, shaped curls and relaxed hair styles using hair texturiser sprays and hair texturiser powders. Women and men's hair texturiser creams provide definition and a messy or sculpted look.

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All About Volumiser & Texturiser

Beautifully Beachy Hair
Beach hair! Years ago, who would have thought beach hair would become a sought-after thing? Gone are the days when you would worry about coming out of the ocean with wet hair that would dry messy - in fact now we recreate it at home using hair styling products and tools designed to achieve that look.

What is beach spray for hair?
Beach hair spray is also known as sea salt spray. It is usually infused with sea or mineral salts to create natural-looking, loose waves, and provide movement along with textured definition.

Using a beach hair spray is a way to give your hair volume, absorb excess oil and create an effortlessly windswept or dishevelled appearance, which is of course carefully styled to look that way.

At Hairhouse Warehouse we have a range of beach hair styling products from all the top brands in haircare to achieve that sexy windswept look. For an entirely beachy experience for your hair, start by cleansing with Redken's Beach Envy Shampoo followed by the Beach Envy Conditioner before styling with the Beach Envy Wave Aid for an ocean-inspired, natural look.

How to use beach hair spray
Apply beach hair spray by spritzing directly onto damp or dry hair and scrunching through with your fingers. You can leave your hair to dry naturally or lightly dry it off using your fingers and a hairdryer.

Does beach wave spray damage hair?
Salt can have a drying effect on the hair if it is used repeatedly, but so can heated styling tools like curling irons. And if you're using a beach hair spray and leaving your hair to air-dry, at least you have eliminated the potential damage from your hair dryer, heated rollers or curling iron.

If you were to use a beach hair spray frequently on dry hair, it would be wise to use regular moisturising hair masks, treatments and leave-in conditioners, just as you would if you were using heated styling tools.

If your hair is normal or prone to be oily, hair styling products containing salt will probably be ok. But if your hair tends to be naturally dry, you may want to look for a beach wave spray with a salt-free formula. Try Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse, a unique salt-free formula which won't dry your hair.

Make Salty Spray does contain sea salts, but it also has built-in UV protection for healthy summer hair.

How to achieve beach wave hair
The method you choose to achieve beach wave hair will depend on your natural hair type.

If your hair is naturally thick and straight, you will probably need to use curling irons to achieve loose, tousled waves. While many beach hair sprays are designed to be scrunched into damp hair and left to air dry, strong straight hair may get a better result with hair styling products which allow for drying with a diffuser.

For naturally wavy or curly hair you can gain control using a beach wave hair spray to achieve that defined, textured beachy look.

How to make beach waves in your hair overnight
This is a super-easy way to create fabulous waves and look as though you've just returned from the Maldives! The beauty of using an overnight method is - no heat!

There are a couple of methods you can try. Firstly braid damp hair into one or two plaits, tie the ends and sleep on it. Yes, that's it. Or you can employ a twist - make sure it's away from your face - into your braiding. You can also scrunch hair styling products or beach hair spray into damp hair and tie it into a loose topknot before bed.

In the morning release your plaits, twisted braids or topknot and shake the hair out using your fingers as a comb. Spray with sea salt spray or hairspray and you're done!