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Wax & Pomade

Hair styling products are must-haves for beautiful hair. Styling wax, hair gel, pomade, defining paste and hair putty –they all work with short hair, long hair, curly hair and straight hair to define your hairstyle. Hair wax and styling products provide control, smoothness and shine when you apply to dry hair.

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JuuceWake Up Wax 100g
American CrewPomade 85g
Nak BarberSurf Wax 90g
PureOomph Wax Spray 100g
V76Gel Pomade 58g
Nak BarberSlik Pomade 90g
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Uppercut DeluxePomade Twin Pack
Valued at $56
FudgeMatte Hed
DavroeMatte Pomade 100g
DAPAPomade 95g

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JuuceForming Pomade 100g
V76V Rated Natural Wax 48g
PureOriginal Pomade 85g
PureMatt Pomade 100g
RedkenBrews Wax 100mL
KMSHairStay Hard Wax 50ml
NedThe Fresh One Wax 40g
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LOrealHomme Wax 50ml
LOrealHomme Mat 80ml
RedkenWax Blast 10 124g
KMSHairPlay Dry Wax 150ml