3 Make STRONG Products That Act Like a Personal Trainer For Your Hair

Photo: Stocksy

You may be working on your summer body, but have you got your hair in tip-top shape for the new season? Make STRONG is the latest, greatest way to help increase hair strength and health.

In three simple steps, you can build up the cleanliness, condition, and strength of depleted, dehydrated hair. Get plucky lengths and bouncier bends with a brand that is not only Australian, but positively bursting with botanical extracts, proteins, amino acids, and a range of hair-loving oils.

Like a personal trainer for your hair, it will get it in ship-shape for Spring and Summer (without the 5.30 am wake up call or 20 push-ups).

Here’s how to get stronger-feeling hair with MAKE!

Step 1:

As with any health kick, you must start with a cleanse. Make Strong Clean does just that, providing a deep, powerful wash. Hair sins no longer have anywhere to hide as the hair is deeply cleansed and infused with a restorative blend of hair-loving oils, such as Watermelon Seed and Hazel Seed Oil. Kick residue to the curb and prepare hair for a whole new level of condition and repair with this first-step hair cleanser.

Step 2:

Now you’re in the groove of a cleaner hair conscience, your hair needs the condition it deserves. Make Strong No. 2 Conditioner is a strengthening and fortifying conditioner formulated with a sublime base of Watermelon Seed Oil that drenches the hair in mega-moisture, building body from the inside, out. Think of this as a good dose of greens and a great night’s sleep for your hair! This robust reboot leaves hair looking shinier and smoother and feeling softer, healthier and (generally) happier.

Step 3:

You’ve cleaned. You’ve cared. Now it’s time to treat depleted hair to some transformative strength and repair. Make Strong No. 3 Repair is a rejuvenating treatment designed to tap into the weak spots in the hair and build them up from deep within. Loading up what life has taken out, this luxurious foundation of strengthening proteins and hydrating Aloe Vera Leaf extract is perfect for chemically treated hair. A wellness resort for your hair after every wash!

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