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The perfect summer party hair takes very little prep. (Which means more time spent on the beach and less time preening in the bathroom.) Here's the scoop on how to ride the perfect wave with GHD this summer!

Step one:

Start with clean, dry hair. Separate the top section from the bottom and clip into place to make it easier for you to work through styling manageable sections. Top Tip: Turn on your GHD Original Styler right about now so it can warm up.

Step Two:

Your GHD Protect Spray is essential to ensure your hair does not suffer from any heat styling damage. Apply liberally to the lower section of the hair.

Step Three:

Brush through the hair from roots to ends using the GHD Paddle Brush. This will remove any knots and ensure product is evenly dispensed throughout the hair.

Step Four:

With the GHD Original Styler, take medium sections of the hair and curl from mid-lengths to ends in upward motions. It helps if you do this in front of a mirror so you can see if any hair falls free.

Once done, use your fingers to loop around the curls, smoothing them out. Repeat these steps around the entire length of hair.

Step Five:

Remove the top section of the hair and repeat the application of Heat Protect Spray, curling with The GHD Original Styler and smoothing with the fingers.

Step Six:

Now, let’s make some waves! Using your GHD Paddle Brush, brush through curls to relax them and reveal waves.

Step Seven:

Almost ready to go! Add some extra volume by merely creating a deep side-part on one side of the hair and flip over. Loosen with fingers, and you're ready to hit that summer fling in a few minutes flat!

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