Four Pro - Piercing Tips for First-Timers!


Piercings are just getting more and more popular. And we would know! Hairhouse is home to some of the busiest piercing experts in the country. Here they take the time to down tools and chat through their four top piercing tips for first timers!

Be Smart. Avoid Bling

When it comes to the most successful piercings, fashion can wait. Your Hairhouse piercer will only use the safest, nickel-free jewellery. This will help eliminate irritation, allergic reactions, excess swelling and help lessen the healing time.

Plan Your Piercings

Like any successful long-term relationship, you need to start slow so that love lasts forever. Get used to 1 - 2 piercings maximum at any one time to ensure they heal well and work with your lifestyle. "Most reputable piercers will help you create a piercing plan," says Kaz Delia, Body Piercing Co-ordinator, Hairhouse Plenty Valley. “Allow your piercings to heal before you begin to work on designing another area of your body,” she adds.

Only Go With The Experts

Your piercer should be a true professional, urges Kaz. "They need to be fully trained, have an understanding of human anatomy, and be able to provide a safe experience with the highest quality of jewellery available," she says. Hairhouse only employs the highest level of piercing experts who follow all sterilization methods and strict health and safety work practices.

Be Patient With Your Piercing

“It is common for piercings to take 6-12 months to heal fully," says Kaz This can be determined by your at-home care plan and how your body reacts to piercings. Your Hairhouse piercer will provide you with all the after-care information you need, Karen insists. And don't be afraid to ask all the questions before you leave your appointment!