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Moroccan Oil
Using oil on your hair is not a new thing. Centuries ago women from many ancient cultures oiled their hair to enhance its health and beauty. The proven benefits of hair oils have stood the test of time, which is why Moroccan Oil features on the best seller list at Hairhouse Warehouse today.

What are the benefits of using Moroccan Oil on hair?
The main ingredient in the iconic Moroccan Oil brand of haircare products is argan oil. Rich and nourishing argan oil is sourced from the fruit of the argan tree, found growing in south west Morocco. It is a lightweight oil, rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin A along with linoleic and oleic fatty acids amongst others. These natural components penetrate deep into the hair’s structure to build resilient, supple hair which shines with good health and vitality. Interestingly, these are the same nutrients which provide essential nourishment to our skin, helping to retain a youthful appearance and prevent premature ageing. Skin is made up of the proteins we know as collagen and keratin, and hair consists predominantly of keratin, so this makes sense.

While Moroccan Oil infuses the hair with enriching plant-based ingredients to provide nourishment, boost shine and improve condition, it also works as a styling agent to tame unruly, frizzy hair. Moroccan Oil will improve elasticity and is light enough to have a smoothing effect on dry, frizzy hair without weighing it down or leaving an oily residue.

Moroccan Oil is ideal for use during the harsh Australian summers as it contains UV protectors. These limit the negative impact the sun’s rays can have on your hair, preventing your hair from becoming overly dry and damaged. The result is smooth, silky hair which bounces and shines and behaves itself!

What Moroccan Oil products will I find in stores?
The extensive Moroccan Oil products available online and instore at Hairhouse Warehouse include a selection of Moroccan Oil shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, a variety of styling products, and varying hair treatment products.

While it can seem counter-productive to introduce oil to fine, limp hair, it is important to understand that the right types of oils are beneficial to hair and skin, even those that are oil-prone. Certain essential oils have a balancing effect on oil production, helping to even out skin tone and regulate oily scalps.

There is a full range of Moroccan Oil products for all your hair care needs, starting with the MOROCCANOIL Extra Volume Shampoo which is specially formulated to add volume and life to fine, limp hair while gently cleansing and revitalizing it. Moroccan Oil extra volume shampoo is a colour safe, sulfate, phosphate and paraben free formula. Use it in conjunction with the Moroccan Oil extra volume conditioner to plump hair strands, infusing shine and body for healthy-looking hair.

After cleansing and conditioning with the Moroccan Oil extra volume shampoo and conditioner, styling with the MOROCCANOIL Hydrating Styling Cream will hydrate and add definition and a soft hold to help tame frizzy hair. This leave-in product will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny and make it super easy to blow dry. Styling creams are essential for dry and unruly hair, as they not only help to control the hair but they provide protection against the damage caused by heated styling tools. As a leave-in product, the Moroccan Oil hydrating styling cream delivers ongoing conditioning agents to your hair.

Using a Moroccan Oil treatment is a great way to address a number of hair concerns. The Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment will soothe and nourish a dry, itchy and irritated scalp. It uses antioxidant-rich argan oil, lavender and geranium oils to restore natural oil levels to the scalp while relieving irritation. Regular use improves circulation and in turn provides increased nourishment to the hair.

Oily scalps will benefit from the MOROCCANOIL Oily Scalp Treatment which is specially formulated to control over active oil production. Along with argan oil, this formula uses essential ginger oil to rectify oil imbalances and soothe inflammation. With regulated oil production the roots are lifted and the hair has more body and bounce. There is also the Light Treatment and the Original Treatment to bring the benefits of Moroccan Oil to all types of hair.

With a host of other beautiful Moroccan Oil products to deliver all the nutrients needed for healthy, happy hair, you can set your perfect hairstyle using the Moroccan Oil luminous hairspray. Delivering a strong yet flexible hold, the MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hairspray is a lightweight formula which adds intense shine and fights against frizz-causing humidity. Like all Moroccan Oil products, it is infused with nourishing ingredients including argan oil of course, and will brush out easily. The Moroccan Oil luminous hairspray leaves no sticky or flaky residue, just beautiful hair.

Where to find Moroccan Oil products?
Right across Australia there is a growing network of over 130 Hairhouse Warehouse stores where the popular range of Moroccan Oil products are readily available at fabulous prices. When you visit your local Hairhouse Warehouse store or salon the helpful and friendly staff will be happy to discuss the benefits of this best-selling hair care range for your hair type. Not sure if there is a Hairhouse Warehouse store near you? Don’t worry, you can easily find the closest Hairhouse Warehouse store by entering your suburb or post code into the store locator here.

If shopping from home is more convenient for you, all the Moroccan Oil products can easily be purchased via our online store. An extra 10% discount on the cost of your first purchase is available when you shop online and orders over $50 include free shipping when you create an account with Hairhouse Warehouse!

Does Moroccan Oil work?
Oils are able to penetrate more easily than creams, helping to deliver nutrients deep into the hair’s structure. This means the hair becomes healthier, more resilient and with improved elasticity and shine. Argan oil, the main ingredient in Moroccan oil, is a rich source of many nutrients essential to good hair health and vitality.

Moroccanoil’s variety of products contain argan oil blended with many other beneficial ingredients and essential oils, so regardless of whether you are using the shampoo, styling cream, treatment oil, hairspray or any other Moroccan Oil product, the hair is both nourished from the inside and protected on the outside.

The result is a nourished scalp and soft, glossy hair which bounces with vitality and shines with good health!