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What is Olaplex?
Olaplex is a lifesaver. Well, a hair saver at least. Created in 2014 by a couple of American scientists, Olaplex is a revolutionary hair care system for repairing broken hair bonds. Its active ingredient has one of those long names that our high school chemistry teachers loved and we can’t pronounce, but it’s good stuff.

Olaplex products suit all hair types - dry, normal, oily, thick, thin, curly, straight... and everything in between. Olaplex is a reparative solution aka an absolute lifesaver - for all forms of damaged hair. The range includes the salon-only products ‘Bond Multiplier’ and ‘Bond Perfector’ as well as a Take Home Treatment Kit.

Supporting your Olaplex salon Bond Multiplier and Bond Perfector treatments with the Take Home Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Perfector products will prolong the healthy and shiny appearance of your hair.

Olaplex products will benefit all hair types that have been damaged by processes such as chemical straightening, heat styling, over-brushing, excessive exposure to chlorine and salt water as well as colour-treated hair. Your Olaplex treatment will last until it begins to grow out, or you colour your hair again.

What does Olaplex do?
Olaplex repairs hair using Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate so you can grow hair as long as that word.

The science behind its ability to repair hair is this: Olaplex finds single sulfur hydrogen bonds which have been broken by chemical, heat or mechanical processes and reconnects the broken disulfide bonds in your hair. Hair that is damaged, split, and stripped by colouring processes becomes strong, shiny and healthy again. As it repairs hair, Olaplex will help to reduce frizz, alleviate dullness, and define curls, which is why it is revered in almost one million hair salons around the world.

Where to buy Olaplex?
You can buy your take home Olaplex products from Hairhouse Warehouse in two ways. Remember, the numbering system is simple, so No.1 and No.2 can only be bought by salon professionals to use in the salon when colouring your hair, but you can buy No.3, No.4 and No.5 either individually, or as a Take Home Treatment Kit.

The < a href="/Olaplex-Home-Treatment-Kit">Olaplex Home Treatment Kit is a cost-effective way to put the entire system to best use for full benefits to your hair. And if you have any queries, the qualified staff at your local Hairhouse Warehouse store will happily answer all your questions about the Olaplex system.

If you’re unsure where your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse store is, use our handy < a href="/stores">store locator. And remember, when you spend over $50 the shipping is free, and your first purchase once you create your account receives a 10% discount!

Does Olaplex straighten hair?
The active ingredient in Olaplex strengthens the hair helping to repair damage, control frizz and fortify for stronger, thicker strands. Other active ingredients in Olaplex support hair strength too. Glycerin, for example, is a humectant which helps to retain moisture and prevent the ends from drying out and becoming split.

While a haircare system won’t straighten hair as such, it can relax the curl and frizz, taming the hair and giving it more substance and shine. Olaplex gives the hair more weight and structure so hair that is styled straight looks fuller, hangs straighter and is less prone to return to a frizzy, curly or flyaway state.

How long does Olaplex last?
Olaplex is a permanent reparative system for your hair. Once the broken disulfide bonds in your hair have been reconnected by the active ingredients in all the Olaplex products, they stay that way until further damage occurs.

However, damaged hair is a constant thing in our lives as we continually colour, curl, blow-dry, straighten, brush and tie up our hair on a daily basis. Each time we use our heated styling tools or have our hair coloured or chemically straightened, some of the bonds in our hair are broken again. So, if you stop using Olaplex products, new broken bonds will continue to occur and eventually your hair will return to the state it was before you began using Olaplex. Continued use of Olaplex products means you are repairing the bonds as new breakage occurs, creating stronger, healthier, happier hair.