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Spring’s Hottest Colour Trends To Try!


Hairhouse is the one-stop-salon for all the Spring colour trends (with a twist of course!). Here, our top hairstylists serve up their pick of the colour trends for spring.


Foilage is the a hugely popular colour trend for Spring 2019. A low-maintenance combination of balayage and foils, foilage gives hair variation and dimension with creamier blonde and golden touches.

Ask for: Foils around the roots, but with a smattering of freehand balayage at the ends of the hair. Book your appointment here!

Evening Blonde:

When it comes to permanent colour, 'Silver' and 'Evening Blonde' is your chicest permanent colour option. Your Hairhouse stylist will talk you through how to take your sneaky greys up a few notches and ways to graduate your platinum blonde into the silvery stratosphere.

Ask for: A sensitivity test on your hair first and a realistic maintenance plan with a curated at-home care range.

Dirty Brunette:

You’ve heard of dirty blonde, but have you seen dirty brunette? As seen on Jessica Biel, this vibrant shade is about having your balayage or ombre toned down, rather than having a complete colour change. It's very natural with dark blonde pieces applied to brunette hair balayage-style.

Ask for: A Trim. The best canvas for colour is healthy hair with no split ends, and this assures your hair colour lasts well into your next hair cut!

Freshly Faded:

If you’ve played with pastel during winter, have fun with the fading process. A massive trend with major celebrities including Khloe Kardashian this is about prolonging the lustre of your faded pastel with a complimentary temporary colour.

Ask for: Something short term. With spray-on colour or wash-out shades, you don’t have to overcommit to this on-trend pastel.