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With so many incredible hair brands on the market, it takes serious chops for one to stand out. And HALO does just that. Here is why we love HALO straighteners, curlers, and dryers with all our hearts!

You know those days you want to look mega-glam, manicured, and put-together without a hair out of place? And also work an element of 'I woke up like this' with a low-fi, low-maintenance vibe into your look? HALO has you covered. This Australian-made, internationally manufactured brand blends leading technology with laid-back, effortless glamour oh-so-perfectly! With a range of straighteners, curlers, and dryers featuring outstanding technology and deeply considered design, HALO is up there with the best styling brands for a truly discerning woman. Here are our top three HALO styling tools for you to get your hands on now!

Straight Shooter:

The Kate is an undisputed cult favourite. Featuring professional grade ceramic floating plates and Japanese Kyocera heat technology – which smooths and straightens hair in one pass without snagging or grabbing - The Kate never compromises the integrity and health of hair. And if you’re on the fly, you can rest assured The Kate keeps an eye on the clock, heating up in just 30 – 35 seconds!

Curl Confidence:

The Marilyn takes complete control of your curls, no questions asked! Advanced Japanese Kyocera technology puts the gloss and health of your hair first when styling, so creating full-bodied curls, perfect ringlets, and flawless waves does not have to come at a cost to your hair! Thanks to The Marilyn’s mineral-infused one-inch barrel, the hair shaft is polishes with each stroke. Negative ions and a stable 180-degree temperature setting so that hair is never over-heated, and curls are created gently and gradually, without wear-and-tear.

Chic Styles as Standard:

The Jennifer: Ergonomic and lightweight to use, this Milanese designed hair dryer consistently nourishes the hair with negative ions throughout the heat styling process. Infrared Ray Technology gently heats hair from the inside out, and an AC motor producing 2,000 – 2,400 watts of power ensures even heat is continuously delivered. The Jennifer's sleek, ultra-ergonomic design also makes it the perfect summer travel companion. Three temperature settings, dual speeds plus a cool shot feature, allow The Jennifer to create smoking styles without the heat damage!

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